Social Media / Content Creation & Eco Ambassador Proposal


Hi PIVIANS and the greater PIVX Community!

My name is Steph.

I am a Canadian crypto enthusiast with a serious passion for environmental regeneration and human potential. I’ve worked as a Marketing Coordinator / Liaison and Social Media Manager / Content Creator for other projects including Adbank, which yes, means I’ve worked successfully hand in hand with PIVX’s new marketing duo Angelo and Kelsey)

I am also currently involved in the UN SDG Impact Fund, with the goal of leveraging technology (including blockchain technology) to complete the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

I am excited and hopeful to contribute to this vibrant community and help it grow, thrive and have a positive effect on the lives of many.

Proposal Intro…

I intend to create content that is visually stimulating and exciting. I would like to attempt to transmit a message that encompasses everything that PIVX stands for in one image. I have a good understanding of instagram content and the user base which I think would help the PIVX social channel grow in popularity and gain new followers which will lead to new community members and users. I intend to help increase the number of posts per day so that the account can gain momentum. I will create bi-weekly reports on how the content is performing and making changes accordingly to ensure growth.

I realize that there are already team members who are creating amazing content and working on social media, so my intention is to not step on anyone’s toes, but try to be of assistance and contribute in a meaningful way.

Using Buffer, I will add content / posts into the buffer for revision for the team to approve. I intend to come up with a minimum of 5 original posts per week per channel (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and 10 instagram posts per week - aiming for 1-2 instagram posts per day (average number of for major brands).

Social Media

  • Creating visually pleasing social media content to reach people outside the community (big picture visuals, imagery, messaging) with clear calls to action.
  • Revamping channels of communication with the outside world through socially relevant content (memes, quotes etc.) with the intent of increasing users. (With a large focus on Instagram).
  • Working with Chad and marketing team to assist with organization, editing and distributing content using Buffer (social media management software).
  • Working closely with K and A and coordinating content distribution with marketing team.
  • Sourcing and sharing images via dropbox with marketing team.

Eco Ambassador

  • Finding and incorporating relevant news articles that are about different forms of energy, economic situations etc. tying environmental factors together and painting the bigger picture.
  • Creating content in the form of infographics to teach people about how much energy is needed to use pivx, current industry standards etc.
  • Keeping an eye out for opportunities and green initiatives for pivx to participate in and/or partner with.
  • Very few people know that PIVX is one of, if not the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies in the world— being a passionate environmental activist, I want to majorly change that.
  • Focus on getting PIVX in the forefront of enviro-conversations, Impact Blockchain initiatives and global climate change conversations.
  • Bring “green awareness” to the forefront of the PIVX brand and community by working with Kelsey, Angelo and Chad to incorporate enviro stats into PIVX messaging.Creating content in the form of infographics to teach people about how much energy is needed to use pivx, current industry standards etc.
  • Pitches, story angles and research (internal and external) to weave a green thread through the content strategy & PR strategy.

Female Ambassador

I believe women have an important role to play in creating a positive reality for the future of the planet. I’m a huge advocate for women’s involvement in the crypto industry and hope to encourage more and more like-minded women to get on board, and hopefully, involved with and become champions of, PIVX.

Each Week:


  • Instagram posts (10)
  • Facebook posts (5)
  • Twitter posts (5)
  • Linkedin posts (5)


  • Biweekly social media analytics / metrics report (Shared in discord)
  • Content shared in Dropbox and Buffer


  • Communicating with marketing team to ensure social media schedule and content is all running smoothly on a consistent basis.
  • Using Buffer to compile all content from various team members, have content approved and published on schedule.
  • Assisting with editing, posting, and any other tasks needed for PIVX marketing.


For the above - I will be working and volunteering my time over the next month, getting to know the community, allowing you all to get to know me.

After this, I would like to request 1111 USD of PIV a month, for 3 months.


Steph is an experienced digital marketing maven. She has worked with a number of tech companies and startups including Adbank, where she worked closely with Kelsey Cole and Angelo Dodaro on marketing and strategy. Steph has experience in measuring and analyzing social media effectiveness and tying it to ROI. Working for a small craft software company developing strategy and creating content, Steph was successful in increasing company sales and web traffic by over 50% in 1 year.

Steph is currently involved in the UN SDG Impact Fund working in a project management role. She has also worked closely with a transit ecosystem blockchain startup project called Freeli, helping to develop the brand and create a go-to market strategy.

Steph has a bilingual undergraduate degree in Economics, which sparked her interest and appreciation for blockchain tech. Since becoming involved in the world of blockchain, Steph has gravitated toward projects that are in service to people and the planet.

Hobbies include; Yoga/meditation, growing plants, skiing and learning :slight_smile: