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PIVX Proposal - May 2018

Prepared by: David MacInnis, Catalyst communications choreography


Good morning, afternoon, or evening! My name is David (better known to the community as @deejayem) and I am submitting this proposal for Social Media Management, Coordination, and Marketing Support on behalf of my employer, Catalyst communications choreography. Since graduating from the Advertising & Marketing Communications program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 2014, my career has been focused in the digital marketing & social media fields - with a specialty in organic growth and community building.

For those of you I have not had the pleasure of encountering, our company has been working closely with Chad Ballantyne of Rhubarb Media since October of 2017. While we were contracted for roles including PR, content management, and branding - my personal area of focus has been coordinating all core Social Media efforts. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of, and growing alongside, the PIVX community; learning about what makes the community tick, as well as helping to expand this project across their main social media and content channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Evolution of the Role
For the first few contracted projects in 2017 - the main communications channel was only through Rhubarb media, with the role being very project focused, production forward, task oriented.
As my understanding and my footing in the community grew, the job description has also grown to include a laundry list of additional support roles as my influence and voice within the community has evolved:

  • Promotional Spend Testing
  • Content Coordination
  • Content (Blog Content, Web Copy) Creation
  • Media Outreach/Coordination
  • Web Content Coordination
  • Web Content Creation
  • Community Coordination
  • Community Management
  • Creative Input With Direct Communications With Core Design Team
  • Development Communication

Purpose of this Proposal
Due to the expansive nature of the role and prompted by the community, it was decided to submit a separate proposal that will encompass the appropriate allocation and management of PIVX’s ongoing social media efforts.

This will allow:

  • Better use, and allocation, of the budget for paid, targeted, qualified reach
  • Smarter employment of best available expert resources from Global PIVX Community
  • Paid growth campaigns
  • Top tier management of messages, core concepts and brand championing across all channels

Accountability / Reporting
All social media efforts moving forward will require a comprehensive monthly report, made publicly available, that depicts the efforts the team has been working towards.

As a DAO elected PIVX team, any discrepancies will be dealt with following PIVX due process until such a time that PACKS are able to expedite the process.

Future Proposal / Social Media Efforts
The hope for this proposal is to lay the groundwork for ongoing Social Media support; we aim to incorporate DAO appointed PACKS in the future to help manage roles and decide key positions.

  • ie:. If this proposal is passed and after the three month period - it is decided that a new Social Media Manager or other team members are to be replaced - the PACK will have the ability to do so.

Quality vs. Quantity
Lastly, it must be noted that at each and every turn - the priority for the PIVX community has always been to focus on building a lasting and engaging community of followers. Our primary focus has been to seek out and attract these engaged and interested people who will not only buy into the appeal of cryptocurrency but can buy into the long-term benefits of a community built on trust and loyalty. These are the PIVians who will help PIVX grow within their inner circles.

To date, this strong base of followers has helped to build an even greater platform of trust, as depicted by the types of interactions throughout the PIVX social hemisphere.

Please see the case study attached at the bottom of this proposal for my overview of contrasting social media community growth strategies.


Social Media is only going to play an increasingly greater role in the cryptocurrency world - and while there is a place for automation and high-frequency posting - in order to build and maintain an active, engaged, interested follower base, it will always require strategic, daily nurturing and support, the larger our PIVX community grows.

Key Growth Notes: October 2017 -Present

  • Twitter Growth (Organic) 24K - 62K*
  • Facebook Growth: 7.2K - 12K

*There is currently inaccurate information available stating that the _PIVX main twitter account is 50% bot likes. I have personally gone ahead and funded a paid review of the profile with the following results:


Total To Date Work:

I have provided social reports for the following breakdowns:

Total Core Page Activity (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) October 2017 - April 2018
April 2018 Page Activity, Overview
Group (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Facebook*
  • Twitter**
  • LinkedIn
    April 2018 Total Post Send Report
  • Facebook*
  • Twitter**
  • LinkedIn

To access and download these report please visit:

*Facebook Data for April: There is a discrepancy in data as a third party appointed outside of the DAO elected marketing team took initiative to make changes to the core pages, as well as approved promotional testing has resulted in a skew of results. Please review the case study attached at the bottom of this proposal for additional information.
** Twitter Data: As of April 1 we have been vetting additional tools to aid and expedite the reporting process for social platforms. As such the twitter data is incomplete as the historical data is unavailable with this platform. You will find an additional file within the drive folder ( ) that offers additional twitter data pulled from Twitter’s core reporting dashboard.


2000 PIV
750 Catalyst
750 Support Teams
350 Ongoing Growth Campaigns
150 Boosted Posts



  • Social Media Manager, Marketing Support.
  • deejayem (David) of Catalyst communications choreography
  • 30-40 Hours/week minimum
  • Liaison between core marketing team, and social media team.
  • Continued scheduling and copywriting for main channels to compliment brand campaigns (PIVX 11, Merchant Features, Etc.)
  • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • Coordinating the newly formed Social Media Team.
    • Translations
    • Creative support
  • Offering additional support where needed / time permitting
    • Content
    • Pressing Web Edits

Unify the global community.

  • To date JFDI has been the mantra of the PIVX community - and it should remain as such. Through this initiative the hope is not to control the regional accounts - but rather offer support wherever needed - whether it be marketing suggestions based on region, aiding in translation efforts between regional and marketing teams etc, and to help amplify core marketing messaging across all platforms, in a multitude of languages.

  • Main focus is to incentivize the regional community managers who, to date, have volunteered their personal time in exchange for being a part of a bigger picture, to become more involved with marketing tactics and help grow PIVX globally.

  • This portion is only to cover the core creative campaigns to aid in unifying brand presence across all platforms. Each individual is still free to manage their channels how they see fit.

50 PIV/Month each to continue to provide regional support, translation, and growth.

This is a starting point. Core brand translation and scheduling is estimated at 4-5 hours per week.

  • Cancun
  • Korea
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • China
  • Netherlands
  • Russia

By no means is this intended to be a full time position - to date there have been many committed PIVians donating their time to further PIVX’s global reach and this portion of our proposal is to reward them for their commitment and offer support where possible, and encourage translation and community involvement wherever possible / time permitting, as well as propel PIVX into the global spotlight in a coordinated manner.

  • *Within this budget I have accounted for 10 community managers to receive PIV/month. If this amount is not used in its entirety for whatever reason, we will donate the remaining amounts to a community decided initiative: Events, PIVian support, Etc._

Within this budget, we have also accounted for a portion of the budget to go to the leads of support channels: Reddit, Steemit, Telegram. This is a discussion that we will have with the leads of these channels. The funds will be made available simply to help with coordination of core brand content and account for the time spent organizing this distribution. From personal experience, I understand that the time requirements to execute certain portions of content can be quite extensive and want only to ensure that the quality and consistency we have seen to date from these moderators can continue. If these leads do not wish to receive any (or additional) funding, they will be able to decide how the remainder of this budget is distributed.

Page Support (2 x 75 PIV/Month)

Support Roles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.)

  • I propose to bring in 2, community and core decided, support members to help with a constant flow of accurate, efficient, communication with the follower base.
    • Provide communication for non core brand objectives:
    • Article Sourcing / Distribution.
    • Reactive Tweets to Crypto related events.
    • Answer comments & engage with the PIVX brand. (distributed.)

I do already have several people in mind who I think would be excellent additions with this role. Community input will absolutely be heard in this decision making process until such a time that a DAO appointed PACK can aid in this process.

Instagram & Pinterest (50 PIV/Month)

  • Due to the time requirements for Pinterest and Instagram, leacymck has been kind enough to donate her personal time to offer support in posting and management. She has been a pleasure to work with, and I would enjoy seeing her continue to support these secondary platforms and be rewarded for her time.

PROMOTIONAL BUDGET - Support organic growth and engagement; not replace it.

  • 350 PIV: Ongoing Growth Campaigns, Qualified Users, Targeted Areas.

    • There is a proposal currently available that implements a Quantity over Quality approach to community growth. To view my comparison of the two strategies please view the case study attached at the bottom of this report.
  • 150 PIV: Boosted Post Budget - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

    • Reserved budget for amplifying core announcements, DYK Videos, PIVXpress episodes, community-driven initiatives, etc.
    • A monthly spend report will be publicly available for accountability and strategic review.

Competition Monitoring

Working with the social media team, and with support from other core teams / the PIVX community, we will develop a list of top competitors, monitor activity and compare results monthly. Which we will then use to strategize and leverage where we excel, and develop objectives to increase areas that need work.


Month One

  • Organization
  • The ground work to unity has already been started - we have coordinated all of the main community managers into a single location on Discord - and are working to create a cohesive workflow for content and creative distribution that works well for everyone involved.

Due to the timezone differentials, this can prove to be difficult so third-party platforms will likely be implemented to help manage communication and action.

Month Two

  • Action
  • With the logistics sorted and the teams working in unity, we should have a well-oiled machine rolling into month two - effectively distributing important information (with the help of marketing, translation and support efforts), core branding imagery, as well as community rally points across the globe.

Month Three

  • Refine
    * Review, Reflect, Rework.


As my role within the PIVX community has evolved, I have developed a deep appreciation, and understanding, for the weight of importance the community has for the project as a whole. Through community unity and an organic, complemented by targeted paid, growth I know we can help launch PIVX into the global spotlight it has been itching to bask in.

I am ready, oar in hand, to help take this boat to the next undiscovered location of crypto, and I hope to see you all beside me.

PIVian - September, 2017.

Voting Details:

Voting Details:

Proposal: QualitySocialMgmt1

Vote Yes: mnbudgetvote many 23ecf634baea90342c2f0ed26bb02712faa4eeb3be76b8501923942fca06fc43 yes

Vote No: mnbudgetvote many 23ecf634baea90342c2f0ed26bb02712faa4eeb3be76b8501923942fca06fc43 no

Get Info: getbudgetinfo QualitySocialMgmt1


Quality vs Quantity
A Social Media Introspective Study.

Please note, this is my own professional opinion.

The purpose of this mini-study is to consider and evaluate two contrasting social media growth strategies, each of which has a different directive: Quality and Quantity.

While this is based on both my own personal experience and professional opinion I’ve used real-time stats to provide a real-time example.

The Challenge
While both of these outcomes are certainly desirable in their own right - when growing a community base, the role of The Social Media Manager becomes important in that their underlying directive must be to operate in a way that accounts for the worst possible scenario: a full stop of any available paid promotion.

The question any SMM should have at top of mind when building a community is this:

  • Is it better to have a qualified, albeit more expensive, valuable audience who is much more likely to increase your brand’s organic reach and presence on social media platforms - or a low-cost cheap audience that looks great on the surface, but are not likely to interact with the brand?

Nature of a Quality Campaign

  • Organic forward approach
  • Non-intrusive feed
  • Avoiding click/engagement baiting
  • Brand supported tone and language
  • Targeted, qualified demographics.

Nature of a Quantity Campaign

  • Rapid (explosive) growth
  • High surface level ROI on paid reach.
  • Very unqualified user base.
  • Does not lend itself to be self-sustainable if promotional budgets were to be pulled.

The Study:

Paid Growth Campaigns

At the request of community members, I have A/B’d these two strategies using actual numbers from the main PIVX account.


Diag. 2

Paid Promotion [A] - Quality

  • Targeted Campaign into Highest Interest Countries (based on statistics provided by Hanna in the Marketing channel - public view.)
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • UK
    • Netherlands
    • Russia
    • Germany
  • Male / Female 18 - 40
  • One interest - cryptocurrency

Paid Promotion [B] - Quantity

  • Worldwide
  • No language restrictions
  • 18-65+
  • One interest - cryptocurrency

Cost per like, no explanation required. This is the conversion number that we are paying Facebook for.



Targeted, Qualified page likes typically operate with a frequency (Impressions/Reach) of +2x


Unqualified, explosive growth campaign saw a frequency of only 1.1x. Unless this is an EXTREMELY qualified and targeted campaign, this is always a bad sign (again, in my professional opinion.)


Due to the nature of Facebook advertising, when running an accurate, targeted, promotion campaign of any kind - an increased budget means increased quality & decreased overall spend per result as the campaign ages.(algo learning.) As such after the initial test phase (3 Days @5$ for direct campaign comparison) the overall budget was increased to $33/ USD paid by the advertising budget included with the Branding/Creative proposal.
This promotion has been running for a little under a month into targeted countries


The test promotion was run for a period of three days (I stopped it after day 3 as it was impacting the overall follower distribution in unwanted regions) at 5$ a day and the result was nearly instantaneous.
Likes from [likely] unqualified countries poured in. As the video collateral used with the promotion was in english and did not offer CC’s in any other language, it leads me to speculate that these accounts are either click farm, botted, or otherwise unqualified followers.

BROWN - Video Views


65 % (Likes/3 Sec Views) of potential followers who stuck around to watch +3 seconds of the video converted into followers.


Out of the 2,389 page likes that occurred in this 3-day window, only 71 (or 0.03%) of them watched more than 3 seconds of video time.


Here is the raw data of page growth taken on three separate days:

A snapshot of the reach of the total campaign (A+B) Green Box = Targeted Areas from Quality Campaign [A]

A full resolution version of the above can be viewed or downloaded here:


Against the knowledge of the DAO elected marketing team, a third party team did go ahead and boost a Facebook post, which offers further insight into the validity of the Quantity [B] approach as can be seen when looking at the Reach by Country statistics.

A full resolution version of the above can be viewed or downloaded here:

Again, these results on the surface are amazing - 16,000 People reached for $20? Wow. But upon further investigation, the reader has to discern if these results effectively support the long-term goals of the organization in building an engaged, sustainable foundation of supporters.

I hope I have provided you with the tools and information, to make a collectively informed decision. If you feel I have left questions unanswered, please feel free to DM me on discord (deejayem) and I’ll be sure to provide clarity where needed.



So after 1 month and $420 spent you got 1,000 video views and 2% full video watched.

Is this some kind of a joke or ???

Is that what you guys call quality vs quantity. Both campaigns sucked big time and if that’s what you call A/B testing then I don’t know what is social media marketing.


Well, John, I am happy that you took the time out of your day to read the entire case study and notice that both campaigns were Facebook growth campaigns, and not promoted video campaigns…


No worries, the amount of likes sucks twice as much for the amount of money


badenglishtea? surely…


Social media management as for now is always included in almost any projects. Nowadays, you have to do this if you looking for promoting and success with any projects. And there are always services like getting Instagram views and stuff.