Split transtions, utxo's , and staking


Whenever I get a stake, or I send out a transaction, if staking is enabled, it splits up my addresses or transactions. Sometimes to an unkown address, I figured out how to fix the unknown address by using my own address in the change address tab.

However id like to keep my coins on to a single address for staking, and for things to stop being split, is there a way to do this with the utxo, or the coin control tab, they are on the same address but they are sometimes split into 2 or 3 , instead of all the coins lumped onto one, thanks…


Staking will only split up your coins into multiple UTXOs when you hit the stake split threshold (which I think is defaulted to 2500). That means that if you have 3000 coins in a UTXO and they win a stake it will split; the solution is to increase the threshold to whatever UTXO size you’d prefer. You could set this value with setstakesplitthreshold in the debug console or the command line.