Start up issues?


I would like to highlight the fact that there are issues while SYNCHRONIZING the PIVX wallet.
I only had issue on Windows OS not on Mac os or Ubuntu Os

Last 5 days i have being trying to sync PIVX wallet on 4 different hosts. The Windows host is madly slow.
I also had a friend living in Dublin help me out and sync my wallet from a different location.
I also would like to mention that i live in Belgium AREA with Second Class IT infrastructure but still with Fiber. Dublin Ireland has best centralized IT infrastructure in EUROPE. This is a PEER based project right?

1 host Mac OS Benelux IP = Wallet works really great syncs quick even after several days of not using it
2 host Linux Ubuntu OS Benelux IP = Wallet works really great even quicker syncing
3 host Windows 7 location Benelux = Extremely slow syncing up to 3 days or longer
4 host Windows 7 location Dublin Ireland = wallet works OK syncing time acceptable 5 hours

Are these startup issues? What s going PEEPS …


Are you using v2.2.1 wallet version for all your hosts?


Hi i did not find the link for this download.
I have always used Download link on PIVX site i installed latest two weeks ago
Could you pass it ?
Thank you very much


Here you go:


This is happen when you using v2.2.1 wallet, so i suggest to avoid this or you can simply go to Netgear Technical Support for help, they told you how to fix this.