Strontium - working salary (Proposal update)


Greetings PIVians,

Lately a lot of talk has been taking place around the state and future of PIVX. A lot of uncomfortable topics have come to light, but the result is that healthy discussion has started to take place. Many members of the community have reached out to me, both in channel and privately, asking me to reconsider returning to work for PIVX. This pre-proposal is to gauge interest in my posting a proposal to that end.

Rather than outlining particular deliverables associated with such a proposal, I’ll instead list a small sample of work I’ve done for PIVX over throughout the year. Hopefully this can help voters understand the role I’ve played in PIVX, as I’m keenly aware the inner-workings of PIVX are all to enigmatic to voters and the community at large.

  • Authored the white paper, and aided the translation team in the translation of it as well as a language and style guide to improve the translation process.
  • Worked QA, both paid under a proposal, and later not as there was still a need for it.
  • Updated many aspects of the PIVX website ecosystem, updating info, editing and rewriting sections, and writing new information and pages to keep the site up-to-date.
  • Worked alongside the marketing staff, both voluntarily and under a proposal, on strategy, content writing, PR + press releases, and handling media relations.
  • Illustrated some graphics for PIVX such as the Pivvy character, and icons for websites and upcoming wallet release.
  • Spearheaded various Bizdev efforts such as catalysing much of PIVX’s efforts in Korea, Blockfolio signal participation, and others.
  • Worked with Buer to produce and populate the PIVX Events website.
  • Devised various strategies, and produced several analyses of PIVX internal structure, brand, and business, some of which have been shared with the community at large.
  • Worked closely with devs to translate and transmit technical information and news to the rest of the team, as well as produce or proof technical documentation.
  • Worked with random.zebra to make upcoming changes to the Core Wallet UX/UI.
  • Produced updates for the community to share info on upcoming events and releases, and work underway.
  • More

So what would be my focus now? Obviously many of the things above are sorely lacking for attention. There are though other concerns that should be addressed too, such as further efforts into bridging rifts that have opened in the team/community, and reinvigorating PIVX as a whole.

I’m asking for 1012 PIV per month for 4 months. For that, I’d give between 25 and 30 hours a week. I want to see PIVX rise up to where it belongs, and I don’t feel I ask too much for what I offer, but I’m open to feedback. I ask anyone with concerns or questions to not by shy to speak up, as I’m happy to discuss.

hash: 5701d31f1908dfc0444c28b9901c0610c197015533f36638293f325831901391

“mnbudget vote-many 5701d31f1908dfc0444c28b9901c0610c197015533f36638293f325831901391 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 5701d31f1908dfc0444c28b9901c0610c197015533f36638293f325831901391 no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo 5701d31f1908dfc0444c28b9901c0610c197015533f36638293f325831901391” to check the status

Cheers all :space_invader:


This is a much more important proposal than people realise.

Strontiums work has very difficult to define deliverables and mostly gets done behind the spotlight. I feel that MNOs cannot currently see or appreciate the value that is being added for this tiny fee.

I am planning to host more monthly conference calls so that team members can speak up on their interactions and support for strontiums work among other things.

I feel it would be great if you could attend these @strontium .
I also feel that you are an amazing writer and PIVX has plenty of papers that also need writing, (zerocoin advancements, governance advancements etc) and I’d love to see you produce them too.
Do you think you could dedicate some tine to those things also as they have clear deliverables and i think could easily cover your wage in terms of value and take a fraction of your time?

These are just my thoughts.

As a teammember I will be voting yes for this proposal and I’d love for MNOs to do the same.


Thanks for the reply and support @Cryptosi. I’d definitely want to put heads together and work out what we can do to proceed as a team - stakeholders included. As for other documents and such, that’s something I’m open to.

I’ve mentioned to you personally, but will do so here for anyone else reading this - I can’t promise I can attend calls next month as my son is due to be born, so I think it’d be irresponsible of me to lock in a date when there’s a chance I’ll be unable to attend. Happy to participate in scheduled calls beyond that though.