The Jeffrey Epstein case : ultimate showdown for the us gov and american people


yes, this is one of the topic that keep me buzy. I am so shocked by what is going on. the cover up by the treasonus media, the lies by the DoJ on the fucking deal they made with a pedo (what could he know on bear sterns?), how they let the island run for years, how the pedophile groups took over some part the us gov… I mean it’s mind blowing. If you add the story of roman polanski on top, you realize there is a serious infiltration, and they wanted to jail gen mattis for using kemowarfare in fallujah, or plants of the creation as illegal… I mean wtf, meanwhile they protect pedos.

for those interested in links :

I mean then they want to tell us to respect their laws, their orders? It’s madness, specially if you think in the context of the 100’s millions chinese armies… PLAoC first army is just one among many… and those pedophiles pretended to impose a new world order, a total act of domination and enslavement to China?

Pedo hubris for sure, from raping the weakest… but when was China the weakest among them all? delusional.

I hope not reduce your active mood, but frankly, if the greatest nation on earth can’t arrest, jail and execute a pedo master and his allies, it can’t be the greatest nation on earth unless you are with them.

stay purple !