The Unofficial Skyrock Meme Contest, make a meme and try to win 2-35 PIV! (1st - 10th Place all win)


Ok guys since we’ve been growing alot more we’ve had our fair share of funny moments but this Skyrock thing is making me die of laughter every time, so lets add some extra funnies to the table and make a contest out of it…

So here’s what I propose, everyone gets 2 entries, you can use whatever you want to make a meme, but the only rule is it MUST be about PIVX and ‘skyrocketing’ aka ‘skyrock’ and you MUST have made it. No stealing other peoples memes please.

Some free resources:

You also MUST post your meme in this thread, I will make another thread this Saturday for voting on the winners.

PRIZES: ( a total of 140 PIV will be split up. thanks to all the donators! )
1st: 35 PIV
2nd: 25 PIV
3rd: 20 PIV
4th: 15 PIV
5th: 10 PIV
6th: 10 PIV
7th: 8 PIV
8th: 7 PIV
9th: 5 PIV
10th: 5 PIV
Have fun everyone! Oh and tell your friend’s if we get a large amount of entries perhaps we’ll do a top 5 or something instead…



And @cryptosi has added 35 PIV as well, so the rewards will now be increased to the top 5 contributors!

1st place: 30 PIV
2nd place: 15 PIV
3rd place: 10 PIV
4th place: 7 PIV
5th place: 5 PIV
6th Place: 2 PIV



MRW I want to buy more



Another update, more donations have come in, top 10 entries will get rewarded! We now have a total of 140 PIV for rewards for this contest!

Voting is on Saturday, you can make 2 entries per person, so let’s get to creating folks!

edit: On second thought, lets do the voting next week and let it go for a few days. So lets just say voting starts tuesday and ends friday! Top 10 entries will win.


At work but I’ll try :stuck_out_tongue:









This is my first entry for the “Unofficial PIVX Skyrock meme contest!” I hope you can recover after these…


…and me second…