Translation Support V6


I would like to ask the part of the budget for next round of the translation support.

The goal of the translation team is to reach a wide foreign audience and to spread the strong brand of the global coin over the world for people who want to use PIVX in real life.
The PIVX translation team provides the support to diverse PIVX community during last year to attract people over the world through the clear context in their local languages to prove the reputation of a global coin.

Possible translation work for next months;
• Translate news, blog, video and possible press releases to reach a wide foreign audience
• Translate updates to PIVX main website pages
• Translate the comparison graphics which in progress (@PIVXStrontium, @Rhubarbarian)



1000 words for 40 USD (one blog post in general 400 words)

1000-2000 words text translation into 10-5 languages 1000 PIV
Project management 400PIV

1425 PIV (1125 USD) per month for next 2 months for the translation team
Proposal fee 55 PIV and amount adjusted
2855 PIV In general

I think that you find our proposal reasonable and useful for the developing and promoting global private coin for reaching the next high level. On behalf of the translation team, I would express appreciation to everyone who makes time to consider our proposal. With hopes on further cooperation with all members of PIVX community.


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