Translation Support V7



We have a new wave for PIVX developing and I hope you can see that the translation team never stopped to support PIVX community. We will continue to provide translation support for global announcement of the latest PIVX achievement. The goal of the translation team is to reach a wide foreign audience and to spread the strong brand of the global coin over the world for people who want to use PIVX in real life. The translation team is looking forward to participating in all progressive steps to achieve the success for PIVX coin.

Possible translation work for next months;
• Translate news, blog, and possible press releases to reach a wide foreign audience
Provide the subtitles to the promotional PIVX video


I would like to ask the part of the budget for next round of the translation support.

1500 words text translation into 10-5 languages 750 PIV
20 min video translation into 8 languages 750 PIV
Project management 500 PIV

2020PIV (1500 USD) per month for the next 3 months for the translation team
Proposal fee 55 PIV and amount adjusted
6060 PIV In general

I think that you find our proposal reasonable and useful for the developing and promoting global private coin for reaching the next high level. On behalf of the translation team, I would express appreciation to everyone who makes time to consider our proposal. With hopes on further cooperation with all members of PIVX community.

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PIVXpress en Español, 20 de Enero 2019

Nice thanks for sharing this. but i like more the vintage7 than the v7 :yum:: nah just joking. thank you and God :grin:bless


PIVX Community,
Please find the translation report V7 for Jan-Feb