UFC Athlete Sponsorship


Hello Pivians :blush:

I have come across an opportunity through some connections I have that will allow us to sponsor a top tier UFC Athlete for an upcoming Event. The athlete is a current World Champion in their Division.

I am writing this proposal for the next 2 budget cycles. The amount I am requesting is 4000 PIVX from each cycle.

This would cover the sponsorship package as well as sending me there for the promo/events. This amount would not cover tickets to actually go to the UFC event ( this is just to save on budget and only spend where absolutely needed ) – but I would need to attend after parties and pre-parties to represent PIVX to the masses.

The events will be full of influential people which I feel is a perfect place to show PIVX to the masses.

Sponsorship will include the following :

  • Official Press release announcing partnership between PIVX and the Athlete.

  • Athlete Social Media Broadcasts (Facebook Network/ Instagram/Twitter)

  • high resolution photo of Athlete with your product (license (3) months)

  • UFC Official Athlete afterparty tickets

  • Video Presented by; “YOUR LOGO” across the bottom 6 seconds in (2) of (4) episodes of UFC Athlete show

  • Ending Credits mention in all (4) UFC Event Athlete episodes

  • Logo placement on official fight team uniform for UFC Event

  • Logo placement on Official Athlete Shuttle Van UFC Event Fight Week

I believe this is a great opportunity for PIVX at relatively little cost for the exposure gained. UFC is huge and the Athlete in this case is a top tier contender.

Thank you everyone for your consideration and time, and I look forward to seeing this through.

John M
Head of BizDev


hash= b5acbb941ba3a5ff386afb93b0db882c24174779a802a27271a35dde1f95c1b9

“mnbudget vote-many b5acbb941ba3a5ff386afb93b0db882c24174779a802a27271a35dde1f95c1b9 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many b5acbb941ba3a5ff386afb93b0db882c24174779a802a27271a35dde1f95c1b9 no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo UFC” to check the status


Almost as rediculous as the lambo idea.

“but I would need to attend after parties and pre-parties to represent PIVX to the masses.”

So we’re paying for you to get pissed and socialise. Tbh that’s all I’ve seen from the bizdev that’s failing now. You just travelling around with no new exchanges worthwhile, funds that were for exchanges community raised separately disappeared with nothing.

These people don’t care about pivx especially at the event. They will all be pissed and coked up.

Who even is this world champion? What event? Where is it? How much is the sponsorship package broke down? What’s your travel expenses?

I find this whole proposal a joke and feels like a money grab so you can go and have a good time on community budget.

It will not benefit pivx in the slightest


Well, I think you’re being a little harsh to start.

One, I dont drink or partake in recreational drugs, so I wouldnt be getting “pissed” as you put it.

Socialize, yes. That’s what networking is.

I actually havent travelled outside of my home region since Texas, where I met with lawyers that resulted in us getting our securities exemption letter. THE single thing that stopped us from being delisted almost everywhere.

As far as no exchanges, I’ve sealed the Binance deal, saved us on Bittrex from delisting and had us added to some smaller exchanges. I’ve helped with payment processors such as Numo and others. I also have signed contracts/ MOUs for some exchanges and wallets. We have paid for a few exchanges but because we only raised 3 btc it doesn’t go that far in negotiations so we take back burner with slower integrations.

If you cared to read my status updates in my channels on discord you would know what has been done.

I cant say who it is or which event it is to protect the idea and not have other coins jack the idea.

Sponsorship is 5000 USD, my travel and hotel and food would be about 2000 USD and taking people out to dinner with the remaining pivx left and for airdropping/setting up people with wallets.

I’m confused how you think national advert would not benefit PIVX and how you think everyone there will be coked out. This isnt 1980’s Miami.


Discussed it and with knowing the fighter and how it will be promoted. I think he can have 1 or 2 drinks :joy:

I’m happy with the outcome and the fighter. If it’s done well it could help. Just to inform people who read.