Wallet - Syncing gets stuck at block 863726


I have run into a problem with the PIVX core wallet as the syncing with the network got stuck at block 863726.

The syncing has been stuck now for about 1 week (at block 863726) and does not seem to get pass this (I’m 8 weeks behind now).

I have downloaded the newest wallet (PIVX v3.0.6 core wallet), but also here the wallet gets stuck at this block.

Can someone help me with this problem?


Theres a few options but the first one that I would suggest is to go to tools, then wallet repair. Now click the button for delete local block chain files and resync. You can use a boot strap file to speed this up slightly as well: https://pivx.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/30000021125-using-the-bootstrap


Thanks! Its all resolved now!


I had it get stuck when I stopped and restarted pivxd in the middle of syncing. I think it had a hard time picking back up where it left off. I deleted my blockchain data and had it start again from scratch. I didn’t interrupt it this time and it downloaded the whole blockchain in about two hours.


Try to use Electrum Pivx Wallet its light wallet… you dont need to sync