What do you think of the new website & forums?


Everyone has done such a wonderful job getting this stuff polished up, launched and in front of fresh eyes, good job everyone! With that being said, what do you guys think so far? Whats everything looking like? What could be improved? Anyone have any cool or crazy ideas to write down for later? Any bugs and/or quirks left to iron out?

Looking forward to growing this place with all of you!

Keep calm and PIV on!


I think these forums look great!

They are easy to use also, I think we just need to get more topics started and this will be another important tool in the PIVX toolkit.

Thanks Decentralizd


I really like how mobile friendly it is that’s for sure!

Can we make it start on the categories page by default?
(so it looks a bit more like a normal forum when people first visit it)



I was wanting to do this before but couldn’t find the setting, turns out I just needed to make categories “first” in line…


Cool. Looks much better now. Thanks!


This website is absolutly beuatiful. I have never seen this template used. I love it. Keyboard shortcuts? Timeline? Chatbox comes from the bottom? I have never seen a better forum software.

Who makes this software? I assume it’s open source, but I can’t find it anywhere.


https://www.discourse.org/ and yes it’s wonderful isn’t it? Finally no more phpBB LOL!


The new look is good especially the monotonous theme and I have also designed something like this which you can have a look on https://uaetechnician.ae/computer-data-recovery


I love it, specially the draft function of message in the forum. both website pivx and the zdex.exchange both look amazing and really easy to use. I was such a lagger to not move here earlier but it was my campaign against script :).