When zDEX mainnet, what's the reason it isn't on main yet?



I already posted this question on /r/pivx but nobody could awnser it so i’m hoping somebody here can answer my question.
When is your zdex coming to mainnet? What is the reason it’s still not on mainnet? I downloaded it on zdex.exchange. Whas it postponed or did i downloaded the wrong version or something? I found this tweet https://twitter.com/_pivx/status/1052142861846605824 stating that beta release was supposed to be in November. I’m a Particl community member that’s interested in trading on your dex. By the way your dex looks awesome!



I don’t see your post on /r/pivx/ Could you please provide a link?

Although zDEX sits on top of the PIVX platform, it is a separate application and a separate project. So you should ask on the social media channels for zDEX.

Sorry I don’t have a more clear answer for you!



Hi Erik,

Here is the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pivx/comments/alhk50/noob_questions/
You already answered me on the post. I tried to reach out to to /r/zdex like you proposed but it’s a closed community so i tried to reach out to the mods but nobody answers my question.

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