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Finally, The PIVX White Paper has been formatted and published on PIVX.org.white-papers-2/
If you don’t mind I would like to organize the translation of PIVX White paper. Making an analysis of the visitors to the White paper pages on the pivx.org website I have come to the decision to choose mentioned below specific languages with a high interest in the PIVX Whitepaper. Strontium has worked with me to determine the best potential markets and priorities translations accordingly.

The White paper is the most important document of any cryptocurrency and has considerable influence on investors when faced with the decision to be involved with a project or not.
The goal of the White paper translations proposal is to attract more valuable and technically-minded investors to the PIVX project who thoroughly investigate all benefits and drawbacks before investing.

Team & Background:

@Hanna: I am leading the translation team. My efforts include the organization, hiring, coordination, and reports for translation efforts undertaken by the vast translation team. Also, I focus on providing a decision based on analytics of visitor’s preferences to the official PIVX website to organize the further strategy of translation development. During last year, I have managed the translation of PIVX.org and further translation of all possible PIVX documentation, news, and organizing subtitles support of the most of PIVX video production.

The PIVX translation team has supported the PIVX community during last year and earned the reputation as a responsible and professional translation team. We focus on providing quality and prompt translations for a variety of media productions in different languages.

Oct 2017 -Jun 2018:

Blog has been translating from 5-15 languages for 24-48 hours
PIVX videos such as PIVXPress, DYK, PIVX Class and others have been provided with subtitles in 9 languages or English subtitle over 48 hours from publishing.
Zerocoin Protocol documentation is available to read in 16 languages
White Paper has been translated into 18 languages
IOS Wallet has been translated into 15 languages by the translation team
Core Wallet has been translated into 11 languages by the translation team
Road Map 2017 has been translated into 14 languages
Road Map 2018 has been translated into 21 languages
Home page 2018 has been translated into 14 languages

PIVX translation Support v4

@PIVXStrontium Strontium’s efforts include writing an extensive PIVX white paper; aiding many PIVX core and community members in various writing focused tasks; strategizing on marketing, bizdev; as well as working in his role on the QA test team.
We have experience working together on the PIVX core language guide and I hope for further effective interaction and coordination with core developers to solve technical issues, and answering possible questions from the translators during the translation effort of the white paper.
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The comprehensive White paper consists of 13,000 words; an effort we cannot manage to translate in just one month. Technical documentation is serious and requires much more effort and research and so I am asking for 40 PIV for 1000 words.
The White paper 13 000 words one language 520 PIV
Translation into 5 languages 2600 PIV
Hanna effort 250PIV
Strontium effort 100 PIV
Refund for the proposal 55 PIV and the amounts adjusted.
2975 PIV per month for the next 2 months

I am planning to arrange the translation
First month: German, Korean, Russian, Chinese and French
Second month: Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and Japanese

My team doesn’t have a Korean translator, so I would like to inform you that I need an additional time to find the professional translator for this role and in case I cannot find during the two months I will transfer the budget of White paper to members of the Korean community who can spend this money for their needs based on their priorities.

I would appreciate for feedback

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This is a very good proposal, Price seems OK, but I am not an expert in translation fees. I think with our push to Korea, this translation is very much needed.

Thanks for all your hard work Hanna


Thank you @Cryptosi for feedback. I will do my best with Korean translation.


I read a comment in a Top 50 coin’s community about “thinking about translating the website and other documents into other languages” soon. Seriously? We are far ahead on this front but need to stay there. Keep up the great work!


I hope mnos are able to see the strength of pushing out into non-English-speaking markets through our steady price increase as our efforts get us on the map in Korea. There’s still many huge opportunities out there if we do our due diligence and make these other cultures feel welcome. Thanks as always for your efforts Hanna + team :slight_smile:


Thank you for support @crypto_frog. It is really a strong strategy.


Translation compensatin seems OK to me. I am reading through the white paper. Is there a second verification process? A does English to Korean translation draft. Gotta find B to review the draft for confirmation. Back translation does not seem a requirement but I strongly believe someone from Korean community to do second verification. Thanks


You are really expert in translation coordination!


Hello PIVX community!

Please find my report per Translation job and Whitepaper progress