ZENZO & PIVX Alliance Proposal


ZENZO & PIVX Alliance Proposal

Friendly Alliance: 12 Months (1 Year)
Strategic Alliance: Phases 1-6 (reference below)

ZENZO is focused on providing a use case for identity systems by first building an entertainment ecosystem. This system includes bi-directional video game e-commerce, facilitation of independent game development, an online arcade with your favorite games, a private arcade with rare independent titles, and a free-market tournament system. ZENZO is creating an atmosphere that is for the gamer, by the gamer. One that allows for community governance to dictate tournament rules, while allowing individuals to host their own and creating a free-market of monetary value for in-game items and skins. We will allow independent developers to submit games to the ZENZO Hatchery with proposals, in an effort to receive funding, to develop games that our community is most excited to play. Ultimately, the identity system we are building for gaming will expand to other industries, as the world slowly adopts and recognizes the importance of blockchain technologies.

Overview of Alliances:

ZENZO is looking to engage in a long-term alliance with PIVX and we have created a series of phases that we will break down into measurable deliverables. We have deemed the initial alliance a “Friendly Alliance” and the phases are collectively considered a “Strategic Alliance.” A proposal of this type has never been done before and we are intending to create a unique and innovative model for future alliances. We are proposing the Friendly Alliance to last one year and to be evaluated after for renewal. At any point in time, either party may choose to disband the Friendly Alliance, peacefully. This is not a binding alliance but instead finding a way to creatively collaborate and work towards the same goals.

The Friendly Alliances enables both allies to share, when relevant, in a positive light about the other project. This also includes support by sharing big updates, developments, etc. and includes sharing of resources (identified below). The initial alliance will enable future in depth individual proposals on Phases 2-5. Decisions made on Phases 2-5 will have no bearing on the Friendly Alliance (Phase 1). Phases 2-5 will require individual proposals of specified strategic terms which will be identified as Strategic Proposals.

~ The current proposal is for the Friendly Alliance (Phase 1) which may be terminated by PIVX at any time. This proposal is at no cost to PIVX and is not binding. ZENZO will build Strategic proposals in greater depth for Phases 2-5 at a later time. Allowing for both communities to grow through first through a Friendly Alliance.

Phase 1: ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace)


Added use case for PIVX - PIV as a payment method on the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) for people to purchase video game serial keys with PIV. Currently, only ZNZ is accepted. PIV will be the 2nd official cryptocurrency accepted on the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace). ZENZO will also provide PIVX with one ZNZ Masternode (15,000 ZNZ), at end of Phase 1.

Estimated Timeframe: One Month


  • PIV payment integration to buy games on the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace)
    • Discord notifications for every Arcade listing accepting PIVX
  • Marketing: Written and Visual Content
    • Video coverage of PIV integration and how to buy with PIV
    • Banner with PIVX on the ZENZO Arcade homepage
    • Shared on official ZENZO social media accounts

PIVX Deliverables:

  • Official Alliance/Partnership
    • Official Announcement(s)
    • Added Section to the PIVX Website for Alliances/Partners
    • Marketing to promote the ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) PIV Integration
    • Encourage testers to use ZENZO Alpha Arcade Release
      • Provide suggestions, feedback, report bugs, etc.

Budget: FREE

Phase 2: ZENZO Arcade (Games)


Add a use case for PIVX, PIV integration into the premium signup to play games inside the ZENZO Arcade (not purchasing on the Marketplace). Another use case is to integrate the ZENZO Samurai Keystrike game into the PIVX Discord server that utilizes PIV when players make a wager or bet. In this game, players can challenge each other for free or wager cryptocurrency (PIV). Ways to incorporate PIV into games for in-game purchases, skins, etc.

  • PIV acceptance into paid ZENZO Arcade subscription
    • (Example) All subscriptions paid in PIV will yield a % return to PIVX
  • ZENZO Samurai KeyStrike Discord Game Integrated with PIVX Discord
    • The game will be customized specifically for PIVX (Colors/Emojis/Text)
    • Players can play for free or wager in PIV
    • PIVX can decide to host tournaments and give rewards to top players
  • PIVX Integrated into Games through Modding/APIs
    • The ability to integrate PIV into games for in-game purchases, items, etc
    • Dependent upon level of demand and players

Budget: TBD (To Be Determined)

Phase 3: eSports

  • Potential Co-branded tournaments

    • Live Streams
    • Team/Player Sponsorship
    • On-Location Tournaments
    • Profits of any co-branded tournaments would be shared relative to costs
  • Co-community tournaments where players can interact with the ZNZ & PIV communities

  • PIVX Community can participate in the governance of tournament rules

Budget: TBD (To Be Determined)

Phase 4: ZENZO Eternal (Game)

  • The game’s details are currently top-secret (details released soon)
  • Potential in-game use cases for PIV
    • Game Economy
    • Betting
    • Player Support (professional spectators)
    • Free Marketplace for Skins & Weapons

Budget: TBD (To Be Determined)

Phase 5: ZENZO Game Hatchery

  • Room for the PIVX community to participate in governance over what games will be incubated
  • Potential equity share on incubated games that PIVX & the Pivian community decides to co-hatch

Budget: TBD (To Be Determined)

PIVX Deliverables (Anytime):

  • PIVX Audit on ZENZO-Core Source Code (PIVX Fork)
  • Co-Sponsorship on PIVX Events (for agreed and appropriate events)

ZENZO Core Team
Joseph Bryce Hart - Co-Founder, CEO
YuurinBee - Co-Founder, COO, Brand Developer & Designer
Luke Wootton (Tendo) - Co-Founder, Business & Community Development
JSKitty - Full Stack Developer & PIVX Team Member
Manny Rangel - Marketing Director
Raul Aguilera (Bouli) - Community Manager & Website Development
Joey Lyons - Community & Technical Support

PIVX/Alliance Contacts/Envoys:
SnappySnap (Bryan Doreian)

Proposal Name:

Vote Yes:
mnbudgetvote many 14e44c9d1b1b34956554ddc39d0f292e0212c4b1aecf08134c4a1e53922db816 yes

Vote No:
mnbudgetvote many 14e44c9d1b1b34956554ddc39d0f292e0212c4b1aecf08134c4a1e53922db816 no

PIVX Central: https://pivxcentral.org/view-proposal?id=137

Proposal Fee:
We would like to request 55 PIV to be reimbursed.


Wooooooo! Thank you for posting this Kitty and thank you Snappy & Cryptosi for the invitation and openness to collaborate. If anyone has any questions, please contact us here, PIVX Discord, or the ZENZO Discord. We will be happy to address any and all questions, concerns, and suggestions.


Has been great working with everyone so far and think the alliance ideas coming along are great. Glad that someone else can see the value of working together in the crypto space. We will help push crypto out to the world!


a decent starting point, but much more details are needed, and I would caution against submitting this for such a long term (12 months) up front to provide a bit more flexibility.


Thanks for the advice and suggestion Fuzzbawls. We have decided to completely pull the request for the 2,500 PIV for now and we can shorten the timeframe, maybe something like 3 months is more flexible?

We will elaborate more on the deliverables and would also like to host an AMA in the PIVX Discord if everyone would be open to that. Thanks again, man!


We can certainly host an AMA in Discord, just let me know time and date and I’ll politely beg Rhubarb to make us a graphic, or you could make one and I’ll share it?

I also agree with Fuzzbawls, 3 months is great starting length.

Awesome to see this coming together so quickly


Luckily I never have to beg another designer, only developers :wink: We are working on an updated proposal and will share it as soon as possible. I got off the phone earlier with Snappy, who kindly gave some good advice and solutions on how to propose everything more precisely.

Let me chat with the Core Team and we can all arrange a time that the team is free and we can host/PIVX can host an AMA in Discord. I will get back to you as soon as possible on that Cryptosi and probably private message you on Discord.

Thanks for the opportunity PIVX and Pivians, we look forward to a unique and great relationship!


Definitely a great opportunity for PIVX, I just try the site, and the platform, and buy some games using their token ZNZ, it was amazing. Very simple and very easy, totally anonymous, which is the most important part of this IMO.

I can not speak in technical terms, but the idea of buying games using PIVX is AMAZING. I hope this great idea will progress.


Hey, Pivians! We have just updated our proposal (pre). Please check it out and feel free to share any feedback and suggestions. We will be hosting a ZENZO AMA in the PIVX Discord tomorrow on Saturday (February 23rd) at 2 PM EST. Feel free to join, support, and ask questions. We look forward to a long-term and fruitful alliance together. Thanks!


AMA Starting very soon in the PIVX General Voice Channel!


Yes, please join us for the ZENZO AMA in the PIVX Discord (General Voice)!


Super exciting times to be able to build together. We hope to see more interaction and please feel free to stop by our discord and ask questions or express concerns. https://discord.gg/Tc8XPZ


Thanks to the PIVX community for the incredible response. What a fruitful relationship we have here. It will be a good marker for the entire crypto community to see how interpersonal relationships via partnerships can also benefit the economy we are living in. As opposed to the stereotypical PUMP partnerships.