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Archived Business Development Proposal (Jul-Sept 19): Snappy


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Title: Bryan “Snappy” PIVX Business Dev & Global Ambassador (July-Sept 2019)
Name: BizDev_Snappy_JulySept19
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 6000
Total Amnt: 18,000
Author: Bryan “Snappy”
Receiver: Bryan “Snappy”
Address: TBA
Created: 06.24.2019
Status: Budget Proposal

This document outlines the funding for a PIVX Business Developer and Global Ambassador, their roles, work, commitments, the amount expected to be paid each cycle, and reporting responsibilities

Operating as a business developer and global ambassador for PIVX, representing myself as a member of the PIVX community, expanding the ecosystem by bringing awareness of and to PIVX, developing partnership opportunities and integrations.

I will be reporting a monthly synopsis of all work, engagements, partnerships, and business developments that I have been involved with on behalf of and for PIVX. That being said, there are some engagements and developments that cannot be mentioned until such time as they are mature enough to disclose (and furthermore, some developments cannot be announced until they go live).

My work will be primarily focused on these categories:
  1. Awareness: This will range from in-person events (Conferences, UN events, Etc) to online work (Social media work, interviews, etc) to team/ecosystem building.
  2. Integrations: This category covers relational and developmental building with other parties to implement PIVX into their ecosystem (be it payment providers, charities, etc).
As endeavors blossom, I will be maintaining these relationships and works, as well as continually seeking new opportunities for PIVX.

Historical Snapshot of Work
The following are a small snapshot of various endeavors/outreaches/works I’ve performed or assisted with in attempts to grow the awareness of PIVX as well as it’s use and adoption over the past 5-6 months.

ATM integration (http://www.coinoutlet.io/)


  • Video of PIVX ATM transaction is in progress
  • Establishing contacts of current ATM operators to add PIVX to their system
  • Continuation of ATM deployment/engagement in Vancouver, BC.
  • Working to get PIVX deployed on a congruent ATM partners android/iOS wallet (and have PIVX be one of the first altcoins on their ecosystem)
  • Working on getting PIVX ATMS deployed in S. Korea
SDG Impact Fund & UN inroads

Current Progress

  • Been tapped to help co-chair and develop the first DAF linked to meeting the SDGs
  • Working on building out internal mechanisms for secure fund transfer (including private sends), and have begun discussions around implementing PIVX (zPIV) as the means of this transfer.
  • Continue to be a global face of this charitable/impact investment endeavor, mirroring over to PIVX and increased awareness.
Olympic / Global Athlete Sponsorships

Current Progress

Identified and communicated with future PIVXsports Ambassadors

  • Maighan Brown: Triathelete
  • https://www.instagram.com/maighanbrown/
  • She is on the way to being an Olympic contender for Australia (Triathlete)
  • The concept would be:
    • She would wear PIVX racing and training bibs, perform weekly videos, push appropriate social media updates, etc.
  • Current Status:
    • Will be submitting proposal shortly
  • Luke Fullbrook
  • Strongest Man Contendor we were introduced
  • Coordinated his onboarding into the ecosystem, setting up his deliverables (social media posts, video engagements, etc)
  • Coordinated with Chad for merchandise and delivery to Luke
Gift Card/PIVX cards

Current Progress
  • Identified a company that provides simple to obtain and redeem giftcards.
  • http://mybitcards.com
  • Basically, you buy a giftcard in the store and can redeem it for bitcoin.The secret sauce is savvy network which is the network vanilla card and all the other giftcards use. This company already has partnerships with Samsung and 4 other larger retailers.
  • We can just brand a giftcard PIVX.
  • Big retailers most likely wouldn't handle it right away, but we could grassroots campaign everyone to take the giftcard.. local merchants.. bounties, and if we create enough noise, can make a play for larger retailers (costco, etc).=
PIVX FOUNDATION (DAF - Donor Advised Fund)


  • Introduced the SDG Impact Fund (a Donor Advised Fund) to PIVX (select members/resonators) as a way to build out a collaborative and co-creative model for development, funding, and philanthropic work.
  • Added nearly 50% to the monthly budget available for PIVX endeavors.
  • Working to build out the TECH aspect now (MVP)
TipBot Works

Developed a relationship with JSkitty (new member in discord)

  • Results
  • TIPbot is back and active
  • Radiobot is live (and more developments)
  • ProposalBot is live (shows proposals)
  • TwitterTipping is now live
  • Built out Radio.PIVX.org
Angelo/Kelsey/Steph (marketing/PR)

  • Worked with A&K about coming into PIVX
  • As their official time at adbank wound down, worked to help them draft 3 proposals to submit to PIVX
  • All Passed, and they are now official IN PIVX and working on building out the messaging, marketing, etc for PIVX

  • Developed a relationship with the Zenzo Team
  • Worked with their team (PIVX fork project) to come into an alliance
  • Proposal being submitted
  • Current Progress:
    • Alliance was passed and is official
    • Work is beginning to align the projects
    • Zenzo built PIVX into its arcade

  • Developed a relationship with a Penn State Professor
  • Exploring (rapidly) a PIVX institute model (that he would co-lead)
  • Plan would be to architect and build out an entire ecosystem where Penn State students, alum, faculty could engage and participate with PIVX ecosystem on ALL levels, including
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Business Development
  • Coding
  • Blockchain Development
  • Website Development
  • Financials/TA
  • App Development and Integration
  • Academic Research and Papers
  • This group could also be the “workforce” behind the Foundation (it’s tech stack, promotion, etc, etc).
  • A benefit to students:
    • Working with a top 100 Crypto/blockchain project
    • Hands-on experience in a decentralized / frontier tech environment
    • Ability to receive rewards for their work
    • Ability to interface with a “legal” entity (the PIVX foundation & Dan’s Foundation - Breakthrough Blockchain Foundation)

  • Developed a relationship with the COO and CEO of Akoin.io
  • Working to establishing PIVX as a trusted and go-to crypto of the ecosystem (possibly to be used as their remittance coin as they build out their ecosystem).
  • Looking to have co-announcements and engagement opportunities with Akon.

  • Working on a proposal for vendible to build out the SDG Impact Fund back end tech stack for the donations
  • This would become a first of its kind charity/donation stack accepting fiat and crypto seamlessly
  • Another massive use case for PIVX (in this giving ecosystem) and we get to tandem PR on this work (as PIVX is the originator of this tech largely).
  • Gets VENDIBLE further down the development road (as well as massive awareness), which opens up more doors for PIVX use back in the merchant arena.
Media & PR Examples:

Vote Yes:
mnbudgetvote many 37e95990952e53c50fb9fc6cf90a4f33905eec8cff378de119b351a9260c25c5 yes

Vote No:
mnbudgetvote many 37e95990952e53c50fb9fc6cf90a4f33905eec8cff378de119b351a9260c25c5 no
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Yay!!! I love everything about this proposal and totally agree, wish we could clone you. You've done such a phenomenal job as what many would describe as the heart of this community. Excited to see that be more formally recognized!


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- Successfully brought Maighan Brown into PIVX (she's now representing PIVX as a PIVXsports Ambassador - Female Triathlete). We should be seeing her in PIVX gear soon (was ordered). The race season starts soon down in Australia as well - so competition, coverage, etc will ramp up as well.

- Did a live interview session with Maighan as well (+ blog/social) announcing her start with PIVX.

- In Negotiations with a Giftcard Company (global) to establish a PIVX branded Giftcard (which would open up the doors for anyone, anywhere to buy and send PIVX to anyone with at least a mobile phone...no wallet needed) - and buy these gift cards with debit/credit.

- Continued work with SDG Impact Fund on a payment system (in progress) that is powered by PIVX (fully compliant donation portal/engine to allow crypto + cash/credit to be donated side by side). This plugin would then be available to any charity as well.

- Working to get PIVX into colleges (via Breakthrough Blockchain) - alongside Litecoin and Digibyte: Currently have U Pitt, Duke, ASU, Penn State on board for an iniative. BBF will do the write up on that.
I'll update more as I'm able to share from this past month, but wanted to at least put this down for everyone!


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As a Recap of this proposal:
Maighan Brown has now been representing PIVX as a PIVXsports Ambassador - Female Triathlete. She's ordered and raced in her PIVX gear, and just this past weekend took 1st place in the olympic distance Tri. She's putting in a follow up proposal now to continue the work, and we're planning on more video content from her in this next cycle.

- I am still in Negotiations with a Giftcard Company (global) to establish a PIVX branded Giftcard (which would open up the doors for anyone, anywhere to buy and send PIVX to anyone with at least a mobile phone...no wallet needed) - and buy these gift cards with debit/credit.

- I am continuing the work with SDG Impact Fund on a payment system (in progress) that is powered by PIVX (fully compliant donation portal/engine to allow crypto + cash/credit to be donated side by side). This plugin would then be available to any charity as well.

- I represented and presented PIVX at the first Breakthrough Blockchain event in Pittsburgh - alongside Litecoin and Digibyte. I am now working on events at U Pitt, Duke, ASU, Penn State. BBF will do the write up on that.