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Error with wallet and when sending funds


New Pivian
I didnt use my pivx core wallet for a very long time (like 2 or 3 years).
Updated to version 4.3.0 and downloaded the entire chain (17 GB), what took more than 24 hours.
Now wallet is connected and completly synchronized,
My pivx is visible in the wallet, but there's someting not ok....

When I start the wallet (as admin) there's a pop-up that I need to upgrade to a HD wallet.
That pop-up gives me two options:
1. "OK" and after entering the passphrase an error occurs (where I can only click "OK") and then pivx closes....
2. Clicking "Cancel" and the wallet opens normal, with no error. Synchronizes fine and is connected.

When I want to transfer funds, I have to submit my passphrase and then the error comes again....

So.... Blockchain is fully synchronized, have backed up my wallet a few times (recently and even have a .dat backup file from June 2017)......
How do I get this fixed?


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