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How TrustMoon Token Will Take You to The Moon?


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  • TrustMoon is one of the newest and fastest-growing cryptos in the market.
  • This platform is soon going to launch new features with incredible usage for general investors
  • Recently, the TrustMoon bounty program was announced in order to distribute 25 trillion tokens
  • Also, on 1st June 2021, the team has decided to release its initial presale campaign to attain a maximum customer base.
  • There are many future plans like Defi wallet, exchange, loans, staking, and insurance to be launched soon.
Over a recent couple of months, the digital asset has shown an unparalleled boom including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Whereas, other cryptos reached their peak prices beyond time. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, as more and more traders are taking interest in the core.

There are lots of sectors showing involvement with crypto and blockchain business like new brands, banks, and financial institutions respectively. Some popular names cover SafeMoon, Shiba coin, TrustMoon, and RocketMoon grabbing a lot of positive attention.

However, in this article, we will quickly take a look at a new token that has become quite popular within a short time on the internet called 'TrustMoon'. Let’s get started!

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What is TrustMoon?

The TrustMoon is a cryptocurrency with a blockchain token model that is developed on the on-chain private algorithm to design and deploy multi-chain decentralized finance banking applications supported by the $TrustMoon token.

$TrustMoon token is an entirely BEP20 Binance smart chain token that is created with integrity on the blockchain technology to offer a sophisticated decentralized finance banking experience.

There is a limited token supply as major transactions take place; many more tokens are burned to virtually pump up the demand. Also, the TrustMoon token holders will be rewarded with more coins according to the longer time period they hold the coin.

In a precise term, TrustMoon is an altcoin (blockchain digital currency) similar to Bitcoin. TrustMoon is created with a purpose on a blockchain network to provide rewarding facets including LP acquisition tools, static rewards, manual burn, and a few more.

$TrustMoon is genuinely created on BSC-20 token deployed on the Binance Smart chain network. Apart from the BSC chain, TrustMoon also works on a Layer 2 network to provide an auto-liquidity mechanism.

TrustMoon might be seen surging Dogecoin that is a tongue-in-cheek coin with an unofficial rallying cry of “Trust To the moon” as the TrustMoon project embraces the slogan “Trust us to the Moon.”

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Recent and Upcoming Activities

TrustMoon has shown positive development and outreach to build a reliable community base. Let’s go through few milestones TrustMoon has set and already pursued with great confidence.

1. TrustMoon bounty campaign is live since 13th May 2021 distributing 25 trillion tokens.

2. 10% of each transaction on the platform is used to reward the TrustMoon token holders that will respectively add back liquidity.

  • 3% is distributed amongst all token holders
  • 7% will be sent back to liquidity, the calculation goes as 3.5% in $TrustMoon + 3.5% in BNB.
3. Initial and transactional token burn will be performed to maintain the scarcity of tokens

4. This step will be followed: Smart Contract - Pre-Sale - PancakeSwap - Exchanges - To the Moon!

5. $TrustMoon smart contract development is done while pre-sale and market campaign is set to start by 1st June 2021

6. TrustMoon will be listed on PancakeSwap and 1icnh by 4th June 2021 in order to add more liquidity.

7. TrustMoon will initiate the Defi banking blockchain applications with exclusive facets

8. The team has planned to kickstart their first blockchain partnership using $TrustMoon use cases.

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Hope you like the read! Please stay tuned for many more updates and announcements on the TrustMoon project. You can also follow our platforms here:
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