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This document outlines a new proposed Alliance between PIVX and ARK. The overall goal is to foster a working relationship between these two projects. The proposal for an alliance starts with the human layer first (cross-promotion of projects via social media, and other platforms) to increase both PIVX and ARK visibility. The goal is to increase awareness of both projects inside of their respective communities, as well as demonstrate outwardly the mutual support of the projects for each other. The next layer of the alliance would be to add PIVX to ARK's new platform (details to be coming for the general public shortly). After this, we can look to explore further/deeper PIVX integration and utilization of PIVX in ARK's ecosystem (As a user data protection and privacy enhancement feature). While this layer is not set in stone at the current moment of this proposal, both representatives from PIVX and ARK felt there is enough benefit (and mutual support) to submitting an alliance that would bring more attention and awareness to PIVX and ARK, as well as provide more uses cases for the PIVX cryptocurrency.

What is ARK?
The ARK Blockchain Platform provides a complete solution for Blockchain development. From user-facing Desktop and Mobile Wallets to developer-focused frameworks and SDKs, the ARK Blockchain Platform creates an interconnected ecosystem for building decentralized economies. Best of all, our products are all built using Javascript and TypeScript, making them immediately accessible to the millions of web developers worldwide. ARK.io and the ark blockchain ecosystem are stewarded by ARK Ecosystem, SCIC, an international software development company headquartered in Paris, France. Their primary focus is on building innovative technological solutions for the Blockchain industry. Founded in early 2017, their strong team and continued focus on development has allowed ARK to become an industry-leading provider, including being ranked by the Chinese Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) as one of the top 20 companies in the industry (June, 2020).

Why are we proposing Alliance again?
This alliance is intended to not only bring more attention and awareness to PIVX as a whole, but bring more use cases to the PIVX
Cryptocurrency. Both ARK and PIVX are Proof of Stake based blockchains, although ARK is dPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and PIVX is pure PoS. Both are pushing the limits in Proof of Stake area. By strengthening the connection between the projects and gaining trust with each other, there might be the next step sometime in the future, for example PIVX as user data protection and privacy-oriented cryptocurrency can provide their technological advancements in that area in exchange for PIVX’s listing on some of the ARK’s future platforms or on ARK’s Swap Market. Unlimited options are available, as PIVX is also yet to decide its direction after the new Privacy Protocol implementation and significantly improved Second Layer Network (Masternode Network), thanks to which PIVX can provide advanced services

Key deliverables


Key deliverables from ARK are social media support, additional marketing of big and important releases/announcements, willingness to manage the ARK-ALLIANCE
Discord channel, additional development product testing (enhanced testing with a team familiar with the technology), an introduction of PIVX to their community and networks, shared networking & business development, addition to ARK's new crypto platform (details to be coming for the general public shortly).

Shared support of relevant social media, additional marketing for important ARK releases/announcements, shared networking & business

Reporting Procedure:
No mandatory updates or “status reports”, but both privately and publicly the ARK Envoys can be contacted at anytime.

PPL : Proposal promotion level
Early (but pushing hard due to coming marketing opportunities for both projects).
- Community call scheduled within next two weeks
- Twitter Support from both projects
- Intra-Discord and Telegram support

Alliance length:
12 months

Alliance Cost:
10 PIV (minimum submission cost) + 50 PIV (refund of submission cost) = 60 PIV total

Alliance Envoys:
Points of contact regarding the Alliance
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TBD - once submitted live
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