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Project to Streamline one of the Economy’s biggest issues


New Pivian
Programming /Coder
Financial backer
Crypto platform PIVX is a good choice
Research and Database Processing
Economic Investigation
Project Coordinator
Several other positions but Starting out this will get us going…

Basically if you’ve been paying attention to the news and the major issues with the economy right now there is one major issue affecting the supply chain. I own a small transportation business but I also do consulting for it. I’ve heard the issues and complaints and I’ve researched a solution and I believe crypto is the solution. The way that it’s being done is so outdated and I believe making a change is going to revolutionize the process and the economy as well. It will open the door for many other businesses to do the same thing and the Growth potential is enormous into the billions of dollars. Using a platform like PIVX gives the security needed for this to get off the ground and it will grow PIVX and any other platform that gets on board. We would need to discuss and In order to do so I would ask for NDAs to be signed prior to discussing. I would ask if any interested party from PIVX contact me through the forum and let’s discuss also anyone that has the experiences to fill the basic roles above then please contact me through the forum and submit your skills and then after a selection process I’ll choose the best candidates but just because you’re not chosen in the first round doesn’t mean you’re not going to be needed for development.
please contact me and let’s change the world.