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Archived Social Media Manager 2020Q3


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Title: Social Media Manager 2020Q3
Name: SocialMediaMgr2020Q3
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle amount: 1250
Total amount: 2500
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DSVfVeqDt8LSDnoC5XEwEJ2anA2x4aRoDi
Created: July 20,2020
Status: Active

Why This Proposal Replaces SMM2020Q3:

I wish to have my prior proposal submitted on June 28th, 2020 voted down with this proposal replacing it.

The rationality behind this decision is that I need to get back on the path of what my original proposal was written for, and not do the extra front end work. I feel that simply making the change on the existing proposal will seem unethical as so many people have just expected that extra effort be included. The focus needs to be on me getting back to being Social Media Manager for PIVX official Twitter, PIVXcommunity, Instagram and Facebook. To make it more clear, here is the typical work-flow.

1. Someone comes up with a marketing message/idea.
2. A group of people with Marketing skills shape the message and finalize it.
3. A graphic artist generates images for the various social media formats.
4. As Social Media Manager I prepare the hashtags, determine the posting schedule in relation to analytics best times, encourage engagement, answer comments, messages, and re-tweets/re-posts.
5. As Social Channel Manager for @_PIVX, @PIVXcommunity, Instagram, and Facebook.
6. I distribute the material to other Social Channel Managers.

Due to a few of our team members stepping away from PIVX for an unforeseen time, I have had to take on roles over the last 4 cycles that weren’t part of what I stated I would do. That being Steps 1, 2 and 3, above, that added a huge amount of work that I feel I am not best suited for, although I have learnt lots.

For Step 1, I think it is best that Marketing and the community step up. The current Marketing team can continue as they are for Step 2, but someone needs to write the initial drafts and take the lead. For Step 3, I believe there are enough Graphic Designers that 1 or more of them can submit a proposal.

The extra responsibilities and effort have affected other PIVX commitments, to the point I feel I am doing a disservice to PIVX. I have also given it my all even when I wasn’t funded.

Moving forward: I will only be completing steps 4, 5 and 6. This new proposal allows for Masternode Owners to vote on this significant change in scope from expectations, now that it has been clarified, even though the remainder of this proposal is essentially the same as the prior proposal. Thank you for your understanding.

For the last 4 cycles, I have managed Twitter; @_PIVX, @PIVXcommunity, Facebook and Instagram. In doing so I have worked alongside with the PIVX devs, marketing team, social media members, graphic designers, PIVX support, the Head of the translation team and community members, in helping to get the news of PIVX’s development and updates to the world in a timely and professional manner. This role wouldn’t be possible without the few dedicated community members helping. In recognizing the members doing this, I make sure that they have all the resources needed to promote PIVX via their own social media platforms. Images and links of the tweets are placed in certain Discord channels for easy access, support is given when needed though they work very well independently.

The engagement has increased for @_PIVX Twitter/IG/FB in the past 2 cycles with more Polls, Q&A’s and our popular QOTD images helping. Consistency in tweeting/posting daily if possible has helped our viewership increase.
We have set up a guideline that makes us work smarter but not harder.
- Ideas to promote -> Marketing -> Graphic Designer -> Social Media Manager ->Social Team Members -> Social Media Platforms.

2 examples shown below are of how the guidelines that we follow help in making it a smooth transition from when the idea is originally formed to when it is promoted on social media.



PIVXcommunity twitter and Instagram stories is where we can be more creative and supportive of our community members.




This continuation of the last proposal covers the same Official PIVX social media channels listed below.
Twitter (@_PIVX and @PIVXcommunity)

I have selected a term of 2 months, to align with fiscal quarters following it. As such, this proposal will cover August and September. The plan is to submit a new proposal in September to cover Q4.

I am not asking for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee to be refunded.
Each cycle, (700) will be allocated to myself and (550) for tips and rewards for ones that assist. This will also help pay for new images and for contests via paid contest accounts.

1. Define a clear separation of what content should be in each social channel:
This past proposal was spent making sure that @_PIVX twitter maintained it’s technological and related content while @PIVXcommunity would show the same content but with introductions that would help a new crypto enthusiast understand more.
Moving forward; QOTDs, AMAs/Q&As, Polls and other related content have been helpful in educating our followers about PIVX and Crypto and the Blockchain. The polls are teaching us what stops others from learning about crypto and will be used for marketing purposes to aid attracting new crypto followers. With PIVX’s core wallet updates, the new website almost ready to launch, new use cases, PIVXgives and other exciting events in the near future, we will have a lot to share.

2. Removal of bots/fake followers:
-A few bots have been removed from all 4 accounts and new filter settings are now in place to help deter fake accounts and/or trolls. This isn’t a 100% proof technique but it does help immensely.
Moving forward: We will continue to work at keeping legit followers. Though our total followers have declined approx. 5% -25% (PIVX - PIVXcommunity), these results are due to ridding our accounts of the few bots and fake accounts. PIVXcommunity’s dropped due to not doing as many contests, thus we are now having real crypto enthusiasts following us more.

3. Strategic cross-promotion of all PIVX related areas:
We have successfully used PIVX, PIVX Community and PIVX Alliances; ZENZO and MERGE in cross-promotion.
Moving forward: This will continue but we will be having PIVXgives integrated into our promotions more. PIVXambassador and PIVXsports are still running but not managed.

4. Promotions including the following specific efforts:
We have successfully promoted the following,
-New Privacy Protocol
-PIVX Espanol
-Specific PIVians
-Tips to PIVIans who ‘Step Up’ to fill a role
-Weekly polls
-Showcase other like-minded privacy Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Moving forward: I will continue to promote the above efforts. Plans are to find the account holders for various PIVX twitter community global accounts to better assist them in running their accounts, or to find replacements so that we are represented better throughout the world. More contests and showcasing of community members along with encouraging community members to step up.

5. Add PIVians to the Social Media team:
We have been very fortunate to have @sigge, @Maria Silva @mcastro and @BelgaRogel help in promoting our news via their own preferred social media platforms. Funds from this proposal enable them to receive rewards for their excellent and needed help. PIVXcommunity is now funding community graphic designers in helping us keep the high standard of PIVX images in the forefront.
Moving forward: I will continue to support our best community members that have stepped up and to encourage more to join our Social Team on Discord. Mentoring, supporting and acknowledging these members takes time but is rewarding in itself as friendships have occurred.

6. Experiment with new tools and ideas:
I have paid for PIVX to be included in contests from other twitter accounts that support altcoins and have proven success in promoting us.
We have started to use cloud.PIVX.org which has helped with giving and completing tasks for the members that use it. I started a calendar 2 months ago in which all the tweets/posts are kept track of with links for easy access.
Moving forward:
-Getting more members to utilize cloud.PIVX.org and the specific social media accounts on Discord.
-Looking at other social media platforms that won’t disrupt our tweets as Twitter has been shutting down more accounts of our members.
-Continue with contests independently and with our supportive contest promoters.

Contests; PIVXcommunity:
-Name that caption, submit a song, design a new screen saver for and by Eric Stanek, have proven successful.
Moving forward: - More contests. A new one had the community submit quotes to be placed on images that have just started.
More contests with PIVXEspanol.

Monthly Reports:
In any effort, there are both indirect and direct outcomes. Each month or 2, I will post updates. I will comment on what I perceive as what worked well, and what I feel there is room for growth if warranted.
Thank you to everyone that continues to support my efforts with mentoring, educating and keeping me smiling. I wouldn’t be able to do it without these amazing people in my life.

Voting Details:

To vote YES for this proposal:

 mnbudgetvote many d954a835021e9b371ba71486535d2b516c72168a27979bc754e73e561086f297 yes

To vote NO for this proposal:

 mnbudgetvote many d954a835021e9b371ba71486535d2b516c72168a27979bc754e73e561086f297 no
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This report for my proposal covers 06/24/2020 - O9/01/2020, thank you for your patience in waiting for me to get it out to all of you. :) As always, if you wish to see any analytics, please message me.

-Twitter official has 500 new followers since the last report, along with removing more bot/fake accounts from our follower list over the last 3 months, the total is now 64.5 K.
-Facebook and Instagram remain more or less the same.

-PIVX Twitter official overall analytics reveal that during the 3 month time period this report covers that impressions have increased, except for August. The last month is a result of fewer tweets thus engagement and other metrics being lower.
-Facebook and Instagram as above.

-PIVXcommunity is gaining traction again over the last few months now that it is back up and running. Total followers are 1472, an increase of 71 consistent new followers.

-COVID continues to have an impact on PIVX announcements, news, and events when promoting compared to a year ago, but by concentrating on the peak days when getting out important news, this has helped get more viewers. Using scheduling tools via the social media platforms for midnight posts and other times has increased viewership. Random tweets/posts throughout the day help also.

- By becoming more involved with other crypto/blockchain PoS communities we have seen an increase of support for PIVX. (Grassroots marketing) Support ‘by’ PIVX is given by engaging with like-minded accounts via PIVX/PIVXcommunity Twitter and more recently Facebook and Instagram, in recognizing their achievements. They in turn have been reciprocating when PIVX has announcements. It’s all about supporting each other in our common goals of mass adoption of crypto.

-We continue to give and receive support from our alliance partner Zenzo and their awesome community via our official accounts. As well at times with Merge, though technically we are not in an alliance with them at present time, this is done via PIVXcommunity and via IG stories. A successful AMA with @Cryptosi and @YuriinBee in which they answered questions about year 2 of the alliance between PIVX and Zenzo.

-Weekly contests to increase engagement by having our members complete certain tasks in the comments via PIVXcommunity have continued. As we are unable to use Coinkit, manual deposits of PIV to the winners of the contests are done. This takes more time BUT I find that doing it this way we usually get new eager members wanting to learn about PIVX and/or they stick around and promote.

-During the past few months, we have had a lot to brag about with the 4.2 release and continued groundbreaking work done by the devs.

-When looking at the analytics since December 2019, having managers for each PIVX social media accounts has shown an improvement in overall impressions. With this said, moving forward we plan on trying to get more managers for all accounts, individually. This takes time as one needs to show initiative, continuity and knowledge in what makes each platform work best. We have had a few followers stepping forward to offer their services but so far they have wanted upfront pay prior or they drop off when certain questions are asked of them. eg. How long have you known about PIVX? How would you get more exposure to PIVX?
Unfortunately, the latter question is answered with ‘paid followers/bots’ which goes against our grassroots strategies.

Moving Forward:
PIVX social media platforms are doing better due to newer attention-grabbing graphics by Rhubarbarian, more tech-related content written by Jakiman, and the bragging we all do about the work being done in GitHub by our brilliant Devs. PM’s articles are gaining viewership. QOTDs, using quotes pertaining to privacy, finance and/or cryptocurrency are also gaining momentum. Upping the game via PIVXcommunity with more engagement on other accounts, using real-life trending scenarios in tweets/posts and doing the contests is showing positive results. This will all continue.

New marketing ideas of which will be tweeted/posted will be focusing on promotions of the following:

-More exchanges will be promoted.
-A new focus on making 5.0’s release ‘not just another wallet update’ is starting within marketing along with input from our devs.
-More AMAs of which @Cryptosi is shining in doing along with @Snappy at times.
-Continued PIVXpods shows that are gaining traction, with guests starting to join the show. (Special shout out to @palmtree for initiating the show.)
- New website!!!
-More diverse community members ‘stepping up’ will help PIVX immensely in the long run.
-More promotion of our PIVXsports ambassador, @Maighanbrown who has 2 upcoming 70.3.
-Funding this past cycle has afforded me being able to compensate a few strong PIVX supporters with all of the help they have given us by stepping up. They did this without any rewards during the time I wasn’t funded.

THANK YOU to @Sigge, @Maria Silva, @bitplumber, @BelgaRogel, @ElenCarrillo, @Kevinml07 and other community members on twitter and IG for all of your support. Thank you also to the Masternode voters that continue to show their diehard belief in PIVX. We couldn't do this without all of you.

leacymck 💜
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