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Archived Blockchain Summit Latam 2019 (Mexico City)


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¡Hello everyone this is ONeZetty!

The Blockchain Summit Latam 2019 will be held in Mexico City on July 4 & 5 (they change the date). For this reason, I open this pre-proposal to discuss the assistance of the PIVX Spanish Community the Ambassadors @ONeZetty (Mexico) and @Cacalillos (Colombia).

The Blockchain Summit Latam (BSL) It is a conference that seeks to unite developers, enthusiasts, companies, and institutions around the development of Blockchain technology in Latin America, from the point of view of its origin, environment, and potential of this technology in the region.

In the last edition of the BSL that took place in Bogotá, we managed to get close to a lot of crypto enthusiasts, we shared experiences with the industry leaders and we did "guerrilla marketing" among the conference attendees, we distributed t-shirts and pins and we invite you to the PIVX Meetup we made the day after the event.



Definitely being sponsors of this conference is still very far away, but I think that repeating last year's formula will give excellent results as we obtained them in Bogotá, Colombia.

**What's the plan?**

Attend the conference, conduct interviews and distribute UPF and organize a PIVX meetup the next day, just as we did in Bogotá.

**What do we need?**

We calculate the costs in the following way:

Hosting 550 USD
Ticket (2): 400 USD
Fly Zetty: 200 USD
Fly Cacalillos: 400 USD
Travel expenses: 400 USD
PIVX Stickers and T-shirt: 300 USD
Rent of the space for the MeetUp: 150 USD

Total: 2400 USD [2500 PIV]

Feel free to give me your opinion and comments.

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PIVXCentral: https://pivxcentral.org/view-proposal?id=152

Team: @onezetty & @cacalillos
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