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May '18

NOTE: this proposal replaces the other - HERE Please vote NO on the older proposal and YES to this one!

Our Goals

The Rhubarbarians (RhubarbMedia.ca) are presenting this proposal to continue to serve as the official PIVX branding care, creative content design and execution of community and technical communications, collaborating with the support teams in delivering awesome, relevant and impacting content every week.
We will continue to develop and protect the PIVX brand and its message by helping PIVX continue to progress with global brand awareness and product acceptance via designs for web/social media, prints, product designs, merchandise, videos, event marketing, sponsorships, newsletters, and more.
We will also continue to offer skin-in-the-game, offering countless hours above and beyond the allotted hours in the budget.
With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Design Team
The Branding and Creative team are now seen as thought leaders and brand experts around the globe with crypto-investors and blockchain projects approaching us due to the success and impact of the PIVX brand marketing. We have over the past year and a half increased our capacity to facilitate the continued growth following our successful rebrand in January 2017. Our goal is to continue to develop and convey the PIVX brand to the market with a cohesive, creative, professional, and approachable message to ensure PIVX takes the next leap forward, and support the other emerging arms of forums, social, marketing, PR, video and paid promotion. Chad has also been a strong community sherpa, extremely active in Discord and social channels as well as planning and attending meetups and events and speaking for PIVX.
During the last budget round, we funded the opportunity for other professionals in the community to come alongside on certain projects for web, video, ads and other PIVX related needs. New leads and teams funded in last round include:
• Public Relations
• Animation
• Film
• Social Media Management
• Design Translation.
These are now part of separate budgets as we will focus on creative content development and community engagement.
Value Drivers:
Rhubarb Media is a creative studio with 14 years of experience with local, regional and global companies and Chad, the Creative Director comes with over 25 years working in the creative communications market.
We gave birth to the PIVX name and brand and delivered the creative designs contributing to PIVX’s rapid growth along with a dedicated support team.
We also bring a strong strategic communications background in looking at new ways to market PIVX and improve our offerings as well as a strong dedication to maximizing our efforts and stretching the PIVX budget by equipping and empowering PIVians around the globe.
In addition, and perhaps harder to quantify, is the work that occurs “outside” the scope of brand development and creative. Although we spend a lot of time in production, because of our visibly, we are the gateway to new investors. We are some of PIVX’s most vocal supporters and sales force bringing PIVX a ROI, not often attributed to our creative work.
Rhubarb Media is responsible for the creation of these major initiatives:
  • Naming of PIVX
  • Brand and brand collateral
  • PIVX Website
  • PIVXpress/DYK?s, Snippets
  • PIVXplaces
  • The Ambassador Program
  • PIVX product brand creation (zPIV, SwiftX, zPoS, zDEX, Paper PIV)
  • Sponsorships - PIVXsports
  • Merch design (pins, pens, t-shirts, hats, cards, etc)
Gary Vaynerchuk - in an interview about the PIVX marketing and movement
'Triple down on Purple. Own it!.. Justifying is a waste of time…don’t spend time convincing, execute.”
Angelo_Adbank, Chief Marketing Officer, Adbank
“Rhubarb Media are raising the bar for branding and marketing in crypto. The creative is top notch and really captures the essence of the PIVX brand with a face people can get behind.”
CCTJoe, Creator and Founder of Crypto Coin Trader, Blockchain Enthusiast
“PIVX reminds me so much of what crypto is supposed to mean, the true grassroots feel, that’s what has always attracted me to PIVX. Rhubarb Media has done an amazing job infusing that into the blood of PIVX.”
“The marketing team of PIVX has been an all-around success in delivering great content such as videos, newsletters and much more. Rhubarb assisted me by providing PIVX branded gear and graphics for the meetup that I hosted in South Africa. At the moment the PIVX South Africa team and I have filmed a few videos for PIVX and all the editing was perfected by Rhubarbarian and his team. They are a necessity in spreading PIVX, What we stand for and getting more merchants to adopt us as a payment method. I assist them as well by getting merchants to accept PIVX in South Africa. So far we have secured 3 merchants in the space of 2 months and this will continue to grow in 2018. Great work Marketing Team, Proud to work alongside them."
John_M, Exchange Coordinator
“The marketing and branding with PIVX and Rhubarb Media are next to none. When PIVX brought me on as part of the team, the branding, marketing, and community were some of the key points of interest for me. The creativity of the graphics, the message behind everything they do and top notch brand awareness are amazing. Rhubarb is great, with world-class vision and industry-leading results.”
“The first thing I noticed about PIVX was the fun, and creative feel that translates through the marketing and media. Rhubarb’s work creates the tangibility to PIVX’s strong and unified community in a way that continues to inspire new people to become passionate Pivians.”
“Rhubarb Media has been an influential player in the crypto economy. The PIVX market cap surged by almost $100 million in a very short time following the re-branding by the Rhubarb team.”
“One of the many reasons I love PIVX and the community, and the ‘magical’ posts and imaginative ways of how you promote events, news etc. Without the ‘fake PR’ look but a more ‘community’, ‘natural’ feel to it. “
Work Completed From Past Proposals Examples:
Over the last 18 months, Rhubarb Media has prepared and released 1,500+ graphics posts, merchandise designs, print materials, banners, UI/UX, web designs, latest core wallet design, Rhubarb Media has filmed, edited, and produced over 100 videos to date. To see all of what we have created so far:
Graphics Links to ads folder
Videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4Wk2opstIsUvMOz9quFSg)
Work includes - mentorship, creative, branding, AV editing, and SEO work.

marketing-phases-pivxchartmarketing-phases-pivxchart.PNG1000x1000 71.7 KB

The following is a breakout of the various categories the branding and creative proposal covers, the costs associated with each component, the people and team members involved, the metrics used for reporting and providing feedback to the community, and any past indicators and data on success.
PIVX Branding / Creative Content
Total Budget for creative and branding content creation
• 1500 PIVX/month
• 250 PIVX/month to pay PIVian artists within our community.
We will continue to provide timely creative (branding and content) for:
Electronic Documents, PPT templates, etc. for Conferences and Trade Shows.
Illustrations (Infographics, PIVX Panther creations, Captain zPIV, etc.).
Social Media Designs – Designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Web Banner/Graphics - Provided needed designs for the upkeep of PIVX.org.
Merchant Graphics (PIVX Accepted here, stickers, info cards, etc.).
Video production (Film, production, animation, explainers, etc.).
Print Media:
Business Cards
Handouts for conferences/meetups
More Stickers
More Banners
New Clothing Designs:
New designs for T-shirts (community contest in the works)
Hats, Hoodies,Polos, etc.
Advertisement for web or print as needed.
Business Card Templates for community members to print custom cards.
Merchant Adverts for signage, window wraps, etc.
Campaign Creation – 4-6 per year
Examples - Roadmap, Major tech campaigns like zPIV (Countdown to zPIV), zPoS, etc, 12 Days of Christmas, DYK Series, PIVX Privacy Features, PIVX 11, Meet the DEVs (coming soon)
Translation of creative into other languages.
Events Support:

Design Support - Signs/Banners in regional languages, T-Shirts/Clothing/Schwag items.
Marketing the events - Event specific marketing campaigns (see Dropbox link for prior examples).
Creating educational material and giveaways to help spread PIVX the way we do it best – relationally.
Additional time for design, management, and translation if needed.
New Budget for purchasing of materials (PIVX schwag, promo and presentational media and materials - Out of pocket $6500 USD).
We’ve been able to support 16 meetups so far.
Total Budget for project management support
• 500 PIVX/month
This section of the proposal encompasses the project management aspect of the various sub-components. Continue to use the platform Teamwork.com was identified and implemented as a means of providing a portal/platform to organize all aspects of creative/branding, social media outreach, PR outreach, etc. We am managing 16 Ambassadors, 5+ designers depending on any given month and working closely with the various other teams, like devs, PR, social, translations, etc)
We will continue to utilize and expand upon utilizing Teamwork, our online tool for keeping all individuals and teams accountable and on task. Reports will be available on the forum, time tracking, task tracking and completion, and total results.
Weekly audio call scrums (15 mins) with marketing leads (PR, social. Devs) and a monthly meeting with the development team as they can attend.
Training and International Translation Support
We will continue to prepare more source files for all the above creative so that they can easily be translated into any language by community members. This will make it much easier to leverage all the prior effort as PIVX grows the international community.
As part of multiplying our reach, we’ll be looking for PIVXPromoters in each major region along with the work Hanna and Danielle are doing. We will equip them with all they need to reach their people groups as it relates to graphics, promo materials, presentation templates created in their own native languages.
Rhubarb Media is a creative studio established 14 years ago and was involved/the lead in the PIVX rebrand, and have been an ardent supporter of the PIVX community from the start.
Design and Web:
Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Dan Hotchkiss as Co-Lead Designer,
Web Developers: Mario Trunz and Steedan Crowe
We are additionally adding some community members to help with the load as well in areas of web, design and video (and will help manage and oversee this work).
Project Management:
Rhubarbarian (Chad)
Joelle Crossley
PIVX Ambassador Program
Total Budget for PIVX ambassador program
• 600 PIVX/month
This project is currently underway. We’ve begun branding and helping to develop the PIVX ambassador model and platform to empower local Pivians around the globe who exemplify PIVX and are doing outstanding work in their communities to help spread the word about PIVX, get local merchant adoption and more. 16 so far in first 2 months of launching
Supporting local/regional ambassadors (Like onezetty, jeffrey, etc) is becoming a huge priority and also high-value driver for global adoption. Ambassadors have helped over 50 brick and mortar as well as online merchants that have begun to accept and use PIVX.
Funds will be used as a stipend to help support ambassadors globally. Specific criteria and guidelines have started to be developed as well as tips for merchants.
PIVX Ambassador Guidelines(Click to view)
Total Budget for PIVXplaces (http://pivxplaces.com/)
• 0 PIVX/month
PIVX Places was a self funded project (Rhubarbian) and was built to be your PIVX Merchant Directory website. The intent of this site is to allow for easy identification and adoption of PIVX worldwide, from merchants to online retailers who accept PIVX and use PIVX. Additionally, the site will have the ability to display events to help further spread awareness of the global activities of PIVX. Ongoing support and maintenance of the site is foreseen to be needed, but at this point, Chad will continue to donate time and no cost or PIV will be required to continue this site and finalize its development.
Total Budget for PIVXgives
• 0 PIVX/month
This project is still in the works (more to come as plans are solidified) but we’ve begun branding and helping to develop this service to help those in the world helping others!
Total Budget for PIVXpodcasts
• 0 PIVX/month
We will brand and help launch a weekly or bi-weekly podcast featuring some of our amazing devs, marketing team, and other PIVX Tribe members. Still in the works.
Video Animation Creation:
Total Budget for Video Animation Creation
• 0 PIVX/month
We have personally funded RedByrd Studios to produce the first video on zPIV, but the goal is to have her onboard to include animation mini-comic scripts (Captain zPIV) social ads (like the BYOB and Christmas campaign) and other explainer videos as needed.
Ideally, we would like to see a new budget proposal be submitted for ongoing video animation work should the community deem it useful and beneficial.
The success of our creative work is reliant upon the delivery of it via social, forums, blogs, etc, and individual PIVians. We need to see a solid team ready to support the campaigns via writing content, posting and moderating the different forums and social channels. We also would love to continue to develop workflow communication between Developers and Marketing for vetting messaging and creative. To this, we are hoping to bring in more solid PIVians into the mix to help grow this entire endeavor, together.
Our team would like to continue to produce all PIVX official content for social, banner graphics, web ads for other sites as well as product design, clothing, decals and campaign creative. We would be on call for any request from the Marketing Support team around new exchanges or apps adding PIVX, providing professional on-brand designs for promotion. If approved there will be a steady stream of content, marketing materials, document templates and more.
Success Metrics:
Success will primarily be measured by the continued growth of the PIVX brand and market. It will be seen by the number of clicks, hits, and comments. When we see the community inspired and invested in PIVX, we will have succeeded in our goals.
• Technical Excellence
• Media attention
• User Adoption
• Community Development
Increase value
More Ambassadors
More Merchants
Creative and branding content creation (Production)

• 1750 PIVX/month
Project Management
Total Budget for project management support
• 500 PIVX/month
PIVX Ambassador Program
Total Budget for PIVX Ambassador program
• 600 PIVX/month
GIVE BACK to PIVX Projects

Total Budget for PIVXplaces (http://pivxplaces.com/)
• 0 PIVX/month
Total Budget for PIVXgives
• 0 PIVX/month
Total Budget for PIVXpodcasts
• 0 PIVX/month
Video Animation Creation:
Total Budget for Video Animation Creation
• 0 PIVX/month
TOTAL: 2850 PIV x 3 months
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We will not be asking for the 55 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.
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