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Archived Cryptotravo by PIVX - Global flight and hotel booking platform where payment will be through PIVX at discounted prices. (For global adoption)


Sep '18

Table of Content
  1. Objective
  2. My profile
  3. The problem
  4. Solution - HOW
  5. Solution - WHAT
  6. How we intend to build CryptoTravo (Non-technical)
  7. Technical explanations
  8. Impact to PIVX
  9. Impact to PIVX Hodlers
  10. Cryptotravo adoption plans
  11. Cost breakdown
  12. FAQ
To create a platform for global flight and hotel booking, where payments will be paid using PIVX. All flight and hotel rates will be a very cheap rate coming directly from the GDS and direct airline connects.
My profile
I’m Oluwatobi Akinpelu. An entrepreneur and reputable programmer with about 7 years of experience in web and mobile development. I lead the Phalanx team which won the first angelhack hackathon in conjunction with Consensys in Nigeria. I have worked for Google Developers Groups and Andela programs here in Nigeria for over 3 years. I currently work as a software engineer with Farmcrowdy – Africa’s best digital startup in Africa 2018, while also having vast experience in smart contract development, Machine learning with Firebase, Media players and live streams SDKs.
I also currently lead the forloop’s developers community in Ogun state, Nigeria, while also being part of the Blockchain community in Nigeria lead organized by reputable companies like Paxful, Seso global and uPort.
I have a solid experience in managing teams and being part of product development from start to finish. You can know more about me here: Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/androidmaven 2
The problem
Over 102,465 flights are made every day according to Gafor(https://garfors.com/2014/06/100000-flights-day-html/), and only less than 1% of these are paid for using cryptocurrency. The available platforms often offer rates which are very high, and the majority does not accept cryptocurrency.
Currently, PIVX is missing out of the over $25million transactions taking place daily in the air transportation and hotels industry. There are a lot of PIVX holders who need to travel but will have to liquidate their assets to fiat in other to pay for their flight ticket and book and hotel.
Even the lowest rates of existing flight and hotels platform can still be provided lower, but as it stands currently, there is no cryptocurrency that has a well functioning travel and hotel platform at the lowest rate possible. And providing a cheaper rate platform for everyone around the world to book tickets and hotels and pay using PIVX will facilitate a massive global adoption.
Solution - HOW.
  1. To create a platform, both web and mobile where people anyone in the world can access, search for available flights and hotels, book, and checked out to a PIVX payment page to either pay through Barcode scan or manual inputs of address and amount. After payment, they receive an email receipt confirmation showing payment information and ticket booking information. Users can also log in, and see the list of their tickets booked on their dashboard, where they can also see full details.
  2. Furthermore, any platform involving payments needs to have customer representatives available to respond to enquiries and complaints - as these boost trust and credibility to new and existing customers. Therefore, the need to have standby customer representatives to attend to customers
SOLUTION - What (Cryptotravo by PIVX)
We are building Cryptotravo, both web and mobile for global flight and hotel booking, where payments will be paid using PIVX. All flight and hotel rates will be a very cheap rate coming directly from the GDS(global distribution system) and direct airline connects. Cryptotravo by PIVX will include the brand assets of PIVX in its design.
Included on the platform will be a link on - how to buy PIVX with changelly, so that newbies to crypto can also have a quick knowledge about buying PIVX.
  1. We intend to integrate with agencies likeTravelTrek APIs, Skyscanner in which they will provide us with aggregate flights and hotels
  2. Activate an internal wallet which the payments for the flight and hotels bookings will be deducted from.
  3. After users are done with choosing their choice of flight/hotels, they are been taken to a checkout to pay with PIVX equivalent of the USD amount. When the payment is been seen in the block, the internal wallet is being triggered to complete the transaction on behalf of the user.
  4. The user receives a receipt information of their info from the Flight/hotels providers, stores to the feeds and a receipt also sent to their email address.
Building a platform like this involves a sensitive and timely transfer of information in which all codes and intelligence involved must be fast, secure and reliable.
  1. A server to store user and session information during signup, flight booking info during checkout before payment and after payment.
  2. Real-time connection to the flight/hotel service providers API during a user session.
  3. Email service provider providing API for emailing.
  4. A robust bug system testing before full roll-out.
Major resources that will be involved, but not limited to
  1. API’s from flight/hotel service providers.
  2. Server programming/Firebase .
  3. Android native app development stacks: Java, XML, retrofit SDK, RxAndroid SDK, CoinPayment API.
  4. Web development, HTML, CSS, Angular, Materialize framework, PHP/Firebase e.t.c
  5. Mailgun, mailchip, senderblue etc API’s to trigger email receipts.
Every day, over $25million transactions daily are been made for flight and hotels alone. If PIVX can provide a discounted rate to book flight and hotels, it can bring a whole lot of new users to start buying PIVX. If transactions through PIVX can start having 10% of the daily transactions, the price will increase by more than 10x. The more people buy PIVX, the more the price increases and the more people will continue to buy.
People having PIVX can now travel anywhere in the world, book a hotel in any part of the world using their most cherished coin at a very cheap rate, without having to liquidate their funds to fiat.
Every product/services need marketing for people to be aware of its existence, trust it’s services and to keep it increases in daily usage. Therefore, marketing plans have started to be put in place. We have started talking with people who will be interested in joining the team as customer representatives, adoption representatives and a legal adivser.
However, these needs require extra costs to sustain at first. So, we have decided to put those needs after the product development. I.E We should raise this proposal for product development, test the platform with the community, build trust with the community and then come for more support IF NEED BE.
*where: link will be provided: This was replaced due to the max number of links that can be posted at the pre-proposal level. The actual links will be provided during main proposal, however, you can google out some of this facts. An examplary link is provided in the (android developer’s cost).
  1. One time API access fees for flight and hotel bookings on Airhob: ($1600)
    See airhob.com/developers/api/faq
  2. Mailgun email delivery service ( FREE version available $0.00)
    See (link will be provided)
  3. UI/UX for android ( $800)
    See (link will be provided) for a briefing for cost of hiring an experienced UI/UX designer per hour. The person we hiring will not be paid per hour nor hired through upwork. But as a team member, as it can take upto 32 hours to complete this project’s designs which will be more expensive. So in other to cut more cost, we will be hiring a designer through my personal network. Please see FAQ (2) for this reason.
  4. UI/UX for web version ($800).
    See (3)
  5. Domain registration and hosting plans for 2 years + SSL ($120) on nameCheap
    See (link will be provided)
  6. Secured Backend development for 2 months ($3800)
    See: (link will be provided). It will take a very long hours to complete coding for the backend. Upwork is to give an estimate of the cost, but we will not be hiring on upwork, but through my personal and trusted network of developers. Please see FAQ (2) for this reason.
  7. Solid frontend design for 1 month ($2250)
    See Upwork(link will be provided). It will take a very long hours to complete coding for the frontend. Upwork is to give an estimate of the cost, but we will not be hiring on upwork, but through my personal and trusted network of developers. Please see FAQ (2) for this reason.
  8. Android development with high standards (2 months) ($4200).
    See https://www.upwork.com/hiring/mobile/cost-to-hire-android-developer/ . It will take a very long hours to complete coding for the android app. Upwork is to give an estimate of the cost, but we will not be hiring on upwork, but through my personal and trusted network of developers. Please see FAQ (2) for this reason.
  9. Quality assessment testing for both android and web version ($1200).
  10. Legal necessities - $800.
  11. Live testing upfront funds to be loading in the internal wallet - ($2000)
    After product development has been tested, the community will need to use the platform firsthand to test and validate its functionality. This will require us having some funds in the internal wallet to be able to fund the flight/hotel been booked. This is more like an upfront running capital to get the platform kick-started.
TOTAL COST - $16,770
P.S: LEGAL COST - $800, but is not necessary during product development. We have contacted a lawyer who is willing to help and support the project. Hence, we are not adding legal expenses at this stage.
1. From the country of operation, won’t there be needs for legal insurance?

ANS: We have gotten in touch with a lawyer who agrees to back us up and the legal fees are already included in the cost breakdown.
2. Why we are not using Upwork or other freelancing websites sources.

ANS: Freelancing websites are great, but for a platform that requires continual technical management, updates, security and more features over time, there is need to work with people that are easily available within a location. Platforms like this which deals with financial inclusions are sensitive and in cases of bugs, unexpected errors, it will be difficult and extremely expensive to find another developer to fix these issues. But for developers who is part of the development team, updates will be a continual effort. Secondly, an overtime cost of hiring freelancers will be much more expensive as the need to keep paying for each consultation, but for an in-house developer, an agreed payment in a specified time is made. Thirdly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, building a global platform requires dedicated team members who build relationship and culture which improves branding on the long term.
  1. What technology do you plan to create/utilize the checkout page to receive PIVX payment?
    ANS: We intend to use Coinpayments merchants API to streamline the payment process, as Coinpayment has proved over the years to be reliable and secure. This will also increase our work efficiency to get us focused on the primary thing to build.
    Depending on the level of usage, liquidation of some of the funds received in PIVX will be made to fiat and sent back to the internal wallet to mitigate for the flight booking needs. An upfront funding for early usage within the community has been included in the cost breakdown.
    No, software technologies that will be used for Cryptotravo are all open sourced. Those that requires premium payment are already included in the cost breakdowns.
    This is one of the more reasons why we need customer representatives to handle customer’s related issues. Incases when users pays for flight/hotel bookings and did not get his/her receipt information on time probably due to long-time block confirmations, airline server glitches, customer representatives can simply sends the PIVX back to the user on request.