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I am ambassador of PIVX and the Portuguese community of PIVX has grown, participating in events, meetings, lectures and we want to grow even more.
These are the countries that have a crypto community and speak Portuguese
Some of my contributions
-Telegram Group: https://t.me/PIVXPortugueseChat
-Medium: https://medium.com/@pivxportuguese 1
-Instagram: https://instagram.com/pivxportuguese?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=139my7k2e9asa 1

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Event that I participated and others I have already talked about PIVX
In one of the last meetups that I participated I made a partnership with instagram Bitnoob in which we will have a space to publish 1 news per week, the profile has 7578 followers, it will give a great visibility for the PIVX
In a few days with PIVX Portuguese Instagram we reached 96 followers, so we are sure that this number can grow even more
with even greater activation
with this proposal we intend to consolidate the knowledge of PIVX in 4 countries that will be included
Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal.
Videos of the PIVX channel on Youtube will be translated into Portuguese, although it has subtitles, videos spoken in Portuguese are much easier to understand and pass on the message 100%.
Means of dissemination and partnership
• Grupo Telegram “BitcoinBrasil” (@ .brasilbitcoin)
• Grupo Telegram “BitNada” (@ .BitNada)
• Página Facebook “Bitcoin Brasil” (grupos / btcbr /)
• Telegram Grupo “BitcoinInvestment” (@ .BitcoinInvestment)
Telegram Grupo “Investimentos Digital” (@ .InvestmentsDigitalsFree)
• Instagram Bitnoob https://bit.ly/2JXDKHs
All videos and articles will be shared in these groups and channels and some more, as well as all ads with Portuguese translation
What will we do?
• We will promote content through relevant websites of Crypto Portuguese Media.
• Provide support in existing social networks and telegrams
• We will also make some gifts with the PIVX logo that will be given to the members who contribute to PIVX as a shirt, keychain, bottle or stickers that contributes to the Portuguese community
• We will translate all official PIVX news / announcements into Portuguese and published on Facebook, Telegrama, Medium, Youtube.
• Let’s create our own content and translate into Portuguese
• PIVXpress Portugues
• We will publish content on Youtube, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Instagram.
-will invite one more member of the Portuguese PIVX community to help me in the administration and production of content, to give full support in social networks.
-If the fund is approved we will make an investment in partnerships with crypto media site, video production equipment, growth in social networks, gifts and everything we can to expand the community and bring PIVX knowledge to everyone.
We will have community growth reports showing what was done in the month to month,in the future we want to have presence in more events and maybe an event in Portuguese speaking countries to talk about PIVX and several foodtrucks accepting as payment method
I count on the support of the community to approve this proposal and grow a lot with PIVX consolidating the project and making it much better known, bringing investors, developers to the ecosystem, in a few months we will be one of the largest communities Portuguese

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Hours of dedication per week Monday to Saturday: 90
Some administrators are active to assist in community support to show PIVX professionalism
I know that there is already a member of the PIVX community that is doing PIVXpress in Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish are slightly different languages, Spaniards sometimes speak very fast, just as Brazilians and Portuguese also speak fast because they are theirs native language and this makes it difficult to understand the message of the person on the other side of the screen, the only language that is totally similar to the one spoken in Brazil is Portuguese of Portugal, Mozambique, Angola and some other Portuguese speaking countries
Promotion Duration: 3 meses
Payment Amount: 530 PIVX
Number of Payments: 3
Let’s spread the purple!
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