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Archived Head of Business Dev Round 2


Aug '18

Getting listed on exchanges and services has become a laborious, time consuming and extremely difficult process. With the emergence of ICO’s and ERC-20 tokens, exchanges realize that they can ask for insane amounts of money and that people will pay it. It can be EXTREMELY expensive for a listing. Average listing costs are between $50,000.00 and $500,000.00.
My previous proposal has wrapped up now so I am resubmitting to continue this position.
**My ultimate goal is to get PIVX listed on absolutely every exchange or service that I can. **
As the markets have taken a downturn, I am asking for 2000 PIVX a month for the next three budget cycles throughout Q3/Q4 2018 to cover my salary and keep me working full-time for PIVX.
My job description includes things like :
Onboarding new exchanges, PIVX trading listings and services.
Coordinating with exchanges already listing PIVX, notifying of updates and development implementations.
Representing PIVX at Conferences
Legal and compliance correspondence with lawyers, exchanges and services.
Who I am
My name is John M. I am the Exchange Coordinator for PIVX. I’ve been with PIVX about 9 months now.
I got into crypto in late 2010. Ever since, I have mostly worked for exchanges and services in the crypto space. I have worked positions such as support manager, KYC/AML investigations, compliance analyst, compliance director, public relations manager and consultant. I’ve helped design compliance programs for multiple large exchanges. At one time I also helped decide what coins would be listed on the world’s largest altcoin exchange ( at the time). I have interviewed over 500 coin teams and understand what exchanges look for in listing candidates.
Over such a long time I’ve managed to either come across or befriend most present-day industry leaders and my plans are to harness those connections for the benefit of PIVX.
Past accomplishments with PIVX
Listed on Binance
Listed on Wall of Coins
Listed on Trade by Trade
Represented PIVX in Miami at the Miami Bitcoin Conference
Represented PIVX in Dallas at the Bitcoin and Blockchain Super Conference
Other listings in the pipeline that I can’t discuss due to NDA’s
I represented PIVX at Consensus in New York , May 13-16 2018.
I will be representing PIVX at the Bitcoin Futurist Conference on August 15-16
This next quarter I will be concentrating mostly on 6 major exchange listings, with which I’ve already been negotiating for weeks prior to this proposal. We have successfully raised the required capital and the process should be finalized soon enough.
My recent report for accomplishments has been posted in discord. It was as follows -
"I reached out to over 20 New exchanges and platforms. Talks were initiated. Some were found to be too expensive for us - 20-50 BTC - but as we did not have an ICO, all of our funds for integrations are donated from whales or community raised. This has meant I have to be very creative when negotiating with these exchanges and services. Even though funding has been a major issue with these, I have still managed to secure some deals.
We have open negotiations with about 6 exchanges ( all top 10 or top 20) right now, trying to find a place to settle on integrations. These take time as some ICO’s with a lot of money are able to skip waiting lines by paying.
I have 3 signed contracts which are waiting for integrations in the next bit here. No date estimates as even I don’t know them. They usually ninja add to prevent insider trading.
2 of those are with big exchanges and one with a major wallet provider.
I have an open fundraiser going now to have us integrated into the Netcoins platform.
I have announcements coming soon for a large payment processor that is integrating us into their platform.
We are launching on a government backed exchange within the next bit here as well. Cant say what country or who though.
I have travelled to Texas to the blockchain expo, New York for consensus and next month I am in Toronto for the Futurist conference. These are the best place to make deals as people are there in person.
We have been added to a few exchanges recently including Shapeshift’s Prism. Zecoex, PandaExchange, Coinbe, Binance, BitexBay Indacoin, Fex and a few others.
I look forward to continuing work with PIVX. I Love the project, I love the community. Let’s rock this
Thank you very much for your time, consideration and suggestions from reading this. I look forward to the very purple future.
John M
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