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Hi, posting on behalf of Luke.

Hello Everybody
This is fullstrength001.
This is my proposal for the next budget of PIVX for the third quarter (July/Aug/Sep).

I am looking to continue with the sponsorship of 550PIV per month for the next 3 months in order to assist with my physio, expenses, supplement’s to help me achieve my maximum potential without the worry of financial burden. I already have PIVX apparel which I wear for training, which is filmed and uploaded to social media (Facebook and Instagram) at least three times a week, with the relevant hashtags to ensure maximum exposure.

The funding from the second quarter of 550PIV enabled me to compete in England’s Strongest Man (Masters) in Bishop Auckland – Durham on the 6th April and UK’s Strongest Man (Masters) 27th April.

England’s Strongest Man was my second competition of the year. There were 5 events, which were hard fought to determine the Strongest Master in England. The events were;
Log lift – floor to overhead – as many reps as possible in 75seconds. I won this Event with 7 reps.
Deadlift – Max lift – I won this event with 350kg lift. An extremely comfortable deadlift, with the closest competitor only managing 310kg!
Frame Carry – 280kg over 40m. This is a moving event, one that I find more challenging. I managed to come 6th in this event.

Yoke – 320kg over 40m. Another moving event!!! 5th place finish in this event.
Atlas Stones – 100kg up to 160kg loaded onto platforms from 6ft to 4ft8”. I completed 3 stones and finished 4th in this event. Considering I am only 5ft 10” ¾, placing the first stone of 100kg onto the 6ft platform was a tricky challenge. My finishing position was better than at London’s strongest man, and I was happy with the progression.

In this competition I finished 3rd overall out of 15 competitors, and qualified for UK’s strongest man which took place 3 weeks later.

At the event lots of promotion pictures were taken, all of my supporters were proudly wearing the purple PIVX tops and getting the brand noticed both at the competition and across social media platforms. T-shirts were given to other spectators on the day. If you would like to see any of the pictures, please see #pivx on Instagram, and also my personal Instagram fullstrength001.
UK’s strongest man (Masters) saw 15 athletes compete from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. All were looking to gain qualification to Worlds Strongest Man (Masters) in Belfast – which is a televised event.

The events were;
Log lift – 120kg for reps – 7 reps for 1st place
Deadlift – Max – an easy 350kg lift for 1st place.
Frame Carry – 320kg for 30m. I can 4th in this event. An improvement on England’s, and this event was outside in the rain! During the frame carry I tore a callus open on my right hand, which made grip rather difficult.

Yoke – 350kg for 30m. I came 4th on this event. Another improvement on England’s. A heavier weight in a faster time.

Keg lift – an event change last minute due to the weather conditions. It should have originally been atlas stones. I had been training atlas stones rather heavy prior to the competition. The change in event saw 5 barrels each weighing 120kg being lifted onto a platform of 4ft8” in the quickest time. Some of the competitors had builders’ gloves available which saw them complete the event with an advantage. I did not have gloves – and this may have cost me finishing 2nd place overall.

The qualification process was as followers;
1st place regardless of nationality – Automatic qualification with all expenses paid.

Highest placing Englishman, highest placing Scotsman, highest Irishman, highest placing Welshman all qualified for the Worlds.

This information wasn’t disclosed until the end of the competition. I competed illusion that the top 3 would qualify regardless of nationality. I finished 3rd in the competition. However both 1st and 2nd place were Englishman, so therefore I didn’t receive automatic qualification to the Worlds. However 10 days prior to the Worlds competition, I received a phone call from the organiser, asking me if I wanted a place. I respectfully declined this offer. A lot of thought was put into this, as it is a huge opportunity, however 10 days is not enough notice to train correctly, get childcare arranged, and change work commitments. I have instead decided to focus on other competitions and attempt to qualify for the Worlds again next year.
The PIVX supporters were out in force yet again for this competition!

Also with the funding, I attended the BodyPower Expo at the NEC in Birmingham with my son, both of us promoting the PIVX brand. I used this event to network and took the time to speak to fellow athletes, promoters and anyone who took an interest in the PIVX brand. I spoke with Colin Bryce, organiser and co-owner of The World’s Strongest Man company. He was extremely pleased to see me competing again, my journey and is interested in helping me compete at the highest level again. He suggested I enter the official strongman games online qualifier for Europe’s Strongest Man which is held at the Millmore Stadium in Rotherham. The top three finishers in each category qualify for a place at the official strongman games World Championships – held in the USA! Colin has promised me that if I do well in these competitions, I will be invited the Brits – a sell-out arena event which is televised. Competing at these events and doing well will almost guarantee an invite to World’s Strongest Man.

I have submitted all of my videos for the qualification process, which can be found online. I am currently ranked 2nd in the opens class, and 1st in the master’s class. The videos are of max deadlift, a video of 360kg has been submitted. Olympic bar – Clean with three presses 140kg. 130kg farmers walk for 20m.

My social media posts are receiving a lot of attention, with PIVX actively being promoted. There is a lot of noise regarding invite only competitions being placed on the cards, one of which will be an exclusive event at SEC in Glasgow.

I have competed 3 times this year, each time improving and lifting heavier and quicker. I have returned from each competition injury free, and feeling more confident and mentally stronger. The ultimate aim for this year is to build confidence, keep competing and keep smiling.

Here are the links to my social media:



Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal, and I look forward to hearing any feedback.

Luke Fullbrook.

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Title: The Purple Road - Luke Fullbrook Road to the Worlds

Name: ThePurpleRoad

Term: 1

Cycle Amnt: 21

Total Amnt: 21 (no point wasting that 21 :P)

Author: Borris123

Receiver: Luke Fullbrook

Address: DQXekxo7jfhfQDn4vbqNEhLtjMh9zQEoVB

Created: 4th July 2019

Status: Proposal

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Follow Luke along his way to Worlds in Florida. Videos and pics showing all aspects of getting ready for the comp, while injecting stories around mental health/life/mentorship.


This proposal is to confirm our support for Luke Fullbrook on his way to the worlds. This proposal is being funded privately and going through the DAF and PIVX apparel will be worn with advertising used in all videos.

This vote is to verify our continued support for Luke Fullbrook.


If Luke was to get injured the proposal would be void and all remaining funds would be returned to the DAF.


1st competition in Rotherham 4th August. Europe’s strongest master. Top 3 qualify for worlds in Florida.

2nd competition in north Wales 5th October. Britain’s strongest master. This is another qualifier for the worlds in Florida. Winner will qualify. This is a back up if I don’t qualify in the first instance, highly unlikely. Even if I do qualify in the first competition I will do this one with a view to raise the profile of myself and sponsors. Also a good warm up for worlds.

Worlds in Florida 1st to 3rd November.

Key Goals

Feature Luke and PIVX, educate people about the sport and PIVX.

Sub track on mental health. #PIVXcares.

Try and connect as many aspects of LUKE’s journey with the use of PIVX

Promote PIVX in posts and wear apparel at events.

Specific Project Deliverables

Video content

  • Regular bi- weekly updates of progression
  • Deep Thoughts with Luke - Mental Note 1 minute
  • Check Ins with the PIVX team - 4-6 interviews along the way
  • Recipes, Food prep Ideas. Share some cooking prep videos, shopping ideas etc
  • Interviews with any stores who accept PIVX - Currently researching. May not be able to find places that accept PIVX directly.
  • Workouts

  • Workouts, food recipes
  • Meeting new people
  • Selfies
  • etc
Social Media

  • Weekly posts on supplied content as well as created content
  • Expanding his reach
  • Sharing on multiple pages
  • Being pro-active and asking friends if they can share some of his posts. His friend and training partner Eddie Hall WSM 2017 has said he will share for him.
    • Eddie has 1.3mil Instagram, 868k+ Facebook, 72.3k twitter
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fullstrength001/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LukeFullbrookPersonalTraining

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9zMwl8sk0CGy1V9fZDcb5A


#PurpleRoad, #PIVXluke

Social Media Reach

Luke has some of the most popular posts for PIVX with a hundreds of likes.

His Instagram account reached 6400 followers compared to 3000 when last checked, which is great for Luke for his outreach aswell for PIVX as well.

He reached an audience of 23 K which is 16 K more compared to the previous month


Weekly Schedule

The idea behind a weekly schedule is to create a digital diary. Using the popular hashtags across social media platforms, my content should reach a greater audience.

Monday - #motivationalmonday

This will be the beginning of the week. I will announce how many training days and days there are remaining until my next competition. There are currently 14 training days and 31 actual days until the Europes qualifier in Rotherham. The post will either be a picture or a video that will be motivational. Next week's motivational post is a 2 minute post where Eddie Hall features during my latest cardio session, with lots of banter and arse kicking!

Tuesday - #transformationtuesday

This is more business based posting and will still contain the PIVX hashtags and links. Similarly, throwback thursday will be more personal, however it will generally contain big names from the strongman community, which should reach a greater audience. This will also include the PIVX hashtags and links.

Wednesday - #wisdomwednesday

This post will be a longer video generally answering questions from the PIVX and gym communities. This video will feature on my YouTube channel, with links posted on other platforms. A card will be placed at the beginning of these videos, with a link directly to the PIVX YouTube channel.

Friday - #fearlessfriday

This will be training based video, predominantly one of my heavier sessions.

In addition, there will be intermittent posts, containing clients training in PIVX branded clothing. This will include my sons rugby team (Stoke RFU under 15’s).

Contest Giveaways

Giveaways at events - T-shirts, hats, etc.

Press Release

Written by Opticall88


We will write post along the way - but much of the content should come from Luke

Team so far...

Luke Fullbrook- the Star!

Borries123 - Admin, Executive director

Stephanie - PR/Social media/project Management - not confirmed

Rhubarbarian - ideas, graphic design, video editing, basic management

PIVX Social Media managers

Budget Current Price PIVX .60c

Official Strongman Games - European Championships, Rotherham
Top 3 to World Championships
Comp Reg£52.00110PIV
Accomodation - Air BnB£137.00290PIV

Britain’s Strongest Master - Llangollen
1st Place to World Championships
Comp Reg£35.0075PIV
Accommodation - AirBnB£98.00210PIV

Rhubarb for management, social, design, video editing

Branding Campaign and Creative Design2000 PIV
Management800 PIV
Video Editing1000 PIV
Social Media Management/engagement1000 PIV
4800 PIV

Videographer - £430 a day (includes travel and editing).

Day 1

Filming the day of the competition, this is obviously only doable if the videographer is available. The sooner I can give them the go ahead the better. Filming getting ready in the morning, everyone wearing PIVX branded tops, journey to the grounds, interview with myself, filming each event and the outcome. Give crowd members PIVX merch to wear during the comp. Interviews after each event and after the win.

Day 2

Filming me putting a client through their paces, both of us wearing PIVX merchandise. Getting paid in PIVX for the session.

Filming a training session of myself, depending on day, wearing PIVX clothing etc. Interview on how I’m feeling, how PIVX are helping.

Filming a food shop and showing how much it costs and what a weekly shop looks like.

Filming a massage session with my physio.

Day 3

Interview regarding mental health, where I was, where I have come to and how PIVX as a sponsor and community have helped.

Filming cooking food and preparing the meals for the day/week.

Filming Downtime with the family and kids

Filming cardio session

Q n A with questions from the PIVX community

Videographer cost 2725 PIVX at .60c

Total needed for Official Strongman Games - European Championships and Britain’s Strongest Master = 8635 PIV at current price .60c

£1811 for everything minus Rhubarb fees.

Cost Breakdown for Worlds - When/If he qualifies. LOOK MORE INTO ONCE QUALIFIED

Official Strongman Games - World Championships
Taxi to Airport£300.00Taxi to airport is more cost effective than driving/fuel/hotel stay
Visas£12.00$14 per applicant. Requirement for entry into USA.
Flight + luggage£1,049.80Extra Legroom seat + luggage for all competition equipment. Flight from LGW.
Accommodation£797.007 nights accommodation near Daytona Beach – Location 30 minutes from competition venue. AirBnB, so I have the facilities to prepare all own meals – more cost effective than eating out over 7 days. Accommodation closer to venue ranges from £1500-£2000 for 7 nights.
Car Hire£271.74Car hire with all insurances. Transportation between accommodation and competition venue.
Sustenance£500.00Food, Competition essentials/ fees.
Insurance£50.00Travel insurance.
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