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Apr '18

Slightly before PIVX rebranded from Darknet, we all decided that PIVX needed a firm but fluid direction. This direction needed to hold core values that we all felt could not be eroded by the promises of financial wealth and personal gains. We decided to write the Manifesto, at the time our budget system did not work so we could not put the manifesto through a vote to make it the OFFICIAL direction of PIVX
Shortly after the manifesto was completed our Budget came back online however, PIVX never actually passed the manifesto, although it has always been referenced as our direction for this project, so now I’m putting forward this Manifesto for consideration by the masternodes.
It has been posted in Steemit for immutability from the first draft, 2 to the final accepted version which is available to view on the website. https://i0.wp.com/pivx.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/manifesto-2018.jpg?w=1080&ssl=1
PIVX Manifesto
PRIVACY in non-negotiable,
FREEDOM is everything,
TECHNOLOGY is advancing, GOVERNANCE must also,
Privacy ALLOWS the freedom to share what you wish with EVERYONE, but also the freedom to RESTRICT who sees your information,
We believe this is each person’s CHOICE,
GOVERNANCE is used to further objectives and FUND development,
The DAOs are untouchable.
Join us WHEN you like, WHY you like, and, for AS LONG as you like.
Lets explore ALL the options TOGETHER.
You are IMPORTANT to US, It’s TIME we harnessed your FULL potential.
Please vote this version through, if you have some issues then we should discuss them as an ammendment
Of course you are free to vote no.
I will be asking for 100PIV to cover proposal listing costs, and once passed this manifesto will be published immutably by the official PIVX Steemit account ‘@pivx
Thanks for your time.
“mnbudget vote-many 694dd60351984b9d784a5697b4e223c2a1e37db383f64c319d684d81b84e0eb0 yes” to vote in favor
“mnbudget vote-many 694dd60351984b9d784a5697b4e223c2a1e37db383f64c319d684d81b84e0eb0 no” to vote against
"mnbudget getinfo Manifesto_V1.0” to check the status