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Archived Marketing: Pivx community engagement


May '18

Hello my name is Javier, @javieralexvr on discord, I have been developing ideas and projects for pivx community for the last 2 months. I am a blockchain and technology enthusiast from Venezuela. Now, I want to propose to the community a way to incentivize worldwide Pivx meetups alternatively from the Pivx ambassador program. To encourage wallets creation and Pivx usage, I want to elaborate guidelines and rules to make, validate, and reward any member of Pivx community that host a meetup and comply with these.
Standarizing meetup practice we could reach more people all around the globe interested on crypto financial technology and privacy.
Why isn’t the Ambassador program enough?
The ambassador program is great but it requires the ambassadors to represent Pivx which means that they have to dedicate their time and resources to spread the vision of PIVX and encourage people, merchants, and Investors to invest in PIVX. Many read this, think it is too much and there goes the opportunity of having a newcomer to promote Pivx in their local community.
We do not want to waste these marketing opportunities. This is why, I want to create a tool to get the community more involved in the Universal Purple Flow (UPF).
At first I would post on Pivx forum, the program rules and guidelines. It would be something like this:
Any person interested on organizing a meetup can do it and will be rewarded if it complies with the following rules:
  • At least 4 attendants
  • Talk about Pivx, eat, drink, and meet new people.
  • Have the attendant install mobile wallet and transfer each 1 Pivx
  • Post pictures with attendants holding their phone with wallet
  • Post the wallets where pivx were transferred to validate
People would post their entries on the forum as a reply to the program’s post and I would check and decide if they comply with the requirements to be rewarded.
Only one meetup per person per group per month would be rewarded to avoid people wanting to exploit the program. For every person with a new unique wallet that receive 1 Pivx, the host would be rewarded with 1.5 Pivx. For example if some1 host a meetup with 20 person and they all create a new wallet and receive 1 Pivx, the host would receive 30 Pivx.
This means that every 1000 person that gets to know Pivx cryptocurrency and community by this method would cost 1500 Pivx.
Everything here is subject to changes and can be improved. I am open to suggestions.