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Archived Operation “When Lambo” an exotic approach to marketing and brand awareness


Aug '18

Hi fellow PIVians,
This pre-proposal discussion is to get feedback on my planned proposal as PIVX Social Media and Brand Awareness Ambassador.
As you may know, the phrase “When Lambo” is among one of the most commonly used phrases when discussing crypto-currencies. Over the last year I have been researching and developing a strategy to launch a YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts specifically for this project. These accounts will be utilized to further develop the PIVX brand and bring additional users to the community.
Who am I?
I, Tidal Waves, am currently a contributing member to several different crypto related projects including PIVX, Wagerr, WAVES, APIS, and Reward Mob. I have become a well-known member of these communities through my contributions. I have a background in cryptocurrency and have been involved since 2011. I have done everything from building GPU mining rigs, day trading, being scammed by GAW Miners, Cryptsy, Scryptcc, Mt Gox, to working directly with developers for testing new products and finding bugs. I have created videos, websites, and documentation all dedicated to helping new users. I have all the tools required to make this project a huge success with exception of the funding.
This proposal:
My intention with this proposal is to become a PIVX ambassador to spread the word about PIVX utilizing social media venues such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the proprietary strategy that I have spent a year developing.
To do this I will need to purchase a 2008-2012 Lamborghini Gallardo using the funding provided from this proposal and using my own funds I will have a full wrap professionally designed and installed that will represent PIVX. The wrap will be PIVX purple and feature the PIVX logo, branding, domains, features etc. The car will be paraded around to car shows and events all around the country. In addition, the car will be featured in weekly videos and blogs that will discuss PIVX features in great detail.
I have developed a proprietary strategy that is step by step for this project and as such the bulk of the information must remain confidential. Once the project takes off I will be able to provide the entire strategy in depth.
How will this help PIVX:
YouTube Vlog channels that feature exotic cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo easily garner 500k to several million followers. By custom designing a full wrap in PIVX purple that is covered with PIVX logos this car will capture the attention of everyone everywhere it goes (which will be car shows all across the country) along with being featured in weekly videos and blogs discussing all aspects of PIVX. No other cryptocurrency is utilizing the power of social media combined with exotic cars to spread brand awareness.
I have spent the better part of a year designing a concept and strategy for this project but I need your help to make this happen.
The ask:
2500 PIV per month for 36 months. I feel this is a very reasonable price considering the amount of awareness this project will bring to PIVX, but as this is currently in pre-proposal I’m open to feedback. This amount will roughly cover the cost of the car and nothing else so I will be using personal funds to cover everything else that is required.
2500 PIV over 36 months
TOTAL 90,000 PIV over 36 months (3 years)
Please leave any thoughts, criticism, or questions for discussion in the comments, and thank you for taking the time to read.