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Archived Particl application for PIVX alliance


Aug '18

This is the proposal to OFFICIALLY ally Particl with PIVX.
Particl is a well known Privacy project that shares many goals with PIVX, This alliance seeks to bring the two projects closer together in an official capacity.
For more information on the exact scope of the alliance currently please view this google document:
docs.google.com 31 Particl Alliance
Particl Alliance Proposal V1.0 Crypto S.I – [email protected] [Pre-proposal forum link] 1. General Project Information Project Name: Particl Description and Goal Statement: Privacy-focused Decentralized Applications Email...

This document has not been uploaded to an immutable service such as archive.is as they dont seem to like live doc pages, however I will host a copy at the www.pivxalliance.org site should this pass and I will attempt to store using Siacoin or some other decentralised medium.
Particl also attended the PIVX Alliance conference call in JULY and spoke with us about possible developer partnerships ontop of the use case, zdex and promotion partnerships that we have hashed out in the document.
Thanks for taking the time to consider this alliance.
I will be asking for 100 PIV just to cover the cost of launching the proposal.
hash= 17b6d4aae3a1e4f151f00f09902ef14e55b4a93cf8e622c20a3894181cbd6b4b
“mnbudget vote-many 17b6d4aae3a1e4f151f00f09902ef14e55b4a93cf8e622c20a3894181cbd6b4b yes” to vote in favor
“mnbudget vote-many 17b6d4aae3a1e4f151f00f09902ef14e55b4a93cf8e622c20a3894181cbd6b4b no” to vote against