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Archived PIVX - Godot Open source game engine integration!


Apr '18

This is the pre-proposal discussion for building a module that will allow game developers using the open source engine Godot to add PIVX and Bitcoin transactions to in-game purchases.
With the growing popularity of the Free-to-play gaming model, in-game transactions are becoming more and more popular, microtransactions will allow for an entirely unique experience.
Godot is the world’s leading open source and free to use Gaming engine and used for titles that have been released on Android, iOS and console.
Please find a more in depth outline in this document, and feel free to comment:
docs.google.com 10 PIVX Mobile Module
PIVX-Godot Mobile Application Module April.2018 ─ Proposal Built by Carl Anthony + Ariel Manzur Overview PIVX is a leading privacy cryptocurrency and this proposal aims to utilise the governance and budget system to build a usable, open source,...

The cost will be 14K USD,
Payment will be made by myself and this proposal is to seek re-imburesement for the payment over a time of 3 months (superblocks)
$14,000 / 3 = $4,666
I will be asking for 1K piv per month with the excess used to partially cover some marketing materials.
If the price of piv rises significantly during this time I will donate the excess funds to the Alliance payments protocol for either Marketing/Dev/support or a equal split of all 3
please read the Alliance payments plan here:
Steemit – 29 Mar 18
PIVX Alliance Payments -- How will Alliances support PIVX? — Steemit
PIVX Alliance protocol allows for individuals and organisations to officially Ally and be recognised by the PIVX… by cryptosi

This module will be developed by Ariel Manzur (linkedin profile)
and supervised and marketed by cryptosi (linkedin profile)
Please comment below so we can answer any questions and get PIVX integrated into some video games. Hopefully this proof of concept will be a pre-cursor to being added to some other engines.