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Archived PIVX ownership of a Stake in ‘Vendible’


Sep '18

This is discussion on whether or not PIVX as a blockchain should take ownership of equity in Vendible.
Vendible is a comprehensive commerce solution for businesses and consumers that bring both together within community marketplaces by leveraging social networks and layered confidence mechanisms for safe transactions. Vendible also provides innovative solutions to build a bridge between traditional financial services and decentralized monetary systems.
Vendible’s first objective is to build streamlined and integrated tools for businesses and consumers so that they can easily interface with each other in community marketplaces such as Vendible Hubs and other social networks.
Vendible’s second objective is to be the on-ramp for the next phase of cryptocurrency adoption, tailored to the early majority who need an intuitive, safe, and efficient way to connect with cryptocurrency technology. The Vendible user experience will be designed with ease of use as the primary means to achieve this objective.
Products and Services
E-commerce Payment Gateway
Owning a percentage of Vendible would give PIVX an asset which generates income. This income is not Tethered to the value of PIVX nor will it be responsible for increasing the coin supply, These are 2 factors that should be considered.
The Funds that are raised by this asset will be shared with CORE PIVX departments as decided by this discussion and prior to a proposal being made. Core departments include, but is not limited to, Development, Marketing, Support and exchange intergration.
This is preliminary discussion to have a transparent discussion on how this sort of alliance should be conducted, at this point this is DISCUSSION only and if it becomes clear that most of the PIVX community do not want to embark on such a venture then. Vendible will continue without giving PIVX a portion of ownership.
Ownership comes with Voting rights.
PIVX can either excerxise its voting right by using its own masternode governance system, or PIVX could have a representative elected to join the Vendible founders group and make decisions on PIVX behalf.
Funds will be shared by departments by sending them to the address that the departments use to recieve funds from the current budget system. All funds sent will be public and recorded on Steemit, PIVXcentral and PIVXAlliance.org 3
Please let me know your thoughts on this,
for further information please visit : http://vendible.org/ 1
or join the Vendible discord : https://discord.gg/5mY5QTG
You can find more information and connect with other people in the Vendible community here:
Reddit http://vendible.org/reddit
Facebook http://vendible.org/facebook
LinkedIn http://vendible.org/linkedin
Twitter http://vendible.org/twitter
YouTube http://vendible.org/youtube
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to feedback, This Proposal will be launching during the September Cycle if possible.