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Sep '18

Follow up from Q4 2018 PIVX Summits + Extra
With only 113 hours to go for the September treasury cycle, there are only 22k piv allocated, with up to 10k more PIVX possibly to be distributed including the FTP, creative, toolbox, and Alliance proposals.
I would like to attempt to claim most of the remaining 11.2k PIVX with this one-time proposal in an attempt to maximise our budget and boost this project’s recently slacking business development and promotion, with a particular focus on event attendance and meetup sponsoring.
This proposal is for 10’000 PIVX to cover the following initiatives:
Complete funding of the PIVX attendance at the Seoul Korea Blockchain Provenance Summit (Seoul, Korea Provenance Blockchain Event) on the 20th of November.
Core developers Furszy and Fuzzbawls have confirmed their presence, as well as Jakiman and possibly Strontium. The Korean PIVX community is thrilled to have us, and we’re closely coordinating with the organisers of this event for press releases and media updates.
We are organising a crypto-specific meetup with Monero CEO and founder Riccardo Spagni (fluffypony) which most likely will be taking place on the 19th of November 2018, a day before the Provenance summit.
The PIVX team has also been planning press releases and coordinating with local media to advertise our attendance and possibly arrange face to face mainstream media interviews while we’re there.
The 5000 USD required for the sponsorship has already been paid. We have 1400 left from the last cycle’s proposal + 1800 (?) PIVX donated throughout the past few months to Strontium.
We hope to be covering in full and upfront the travel and lodging expense of all our core team members, which would amount to 2-3k USD. 500 more dollars would be desirable to cover schwag and gifts for the dignitaries we meet.
We have started to purchase the tickets and to make travel and lodging arrangements.
There have been further developments on a new meetup cooperation. We will be releasing details about this soon.
I, Buer will be attending the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 (https://maltablockchainsummit.com/) on November 1-2nd thanks to community member [John?] Pobi (@Pobi on Discord), and I would also like to represent PIVX at the Web Summit (https://websummit.com/) November 5 to 8 in Lisbon, the largest (70k+ attendees) tech event in the world and an excellent arena to share PIVX’s story and establish relationships.
I would also like to invite core developers furszy or warrows to join me should this proposal get funded. Both live nearby and will not require excessive funding.
Overall these two upcoming events may have a significant positive impact and require little expense for travel and lodging.
@SnappySnap, as well as multiple others, have declared their interest in attending the Web Summit event, and indeed it is quite an opportunity. With a sufficient budget we might arrange a last minute stand and stock merchandise and promotional materials for promotional distribution.
The PIVX.EVENTS domain and hosting are expiring. Should this proposal pass I plan on renewing these subscriptions and improve the website which had been left incomplete since the PIVX Summits streak was discontinued a few months back. This costs ~40 dollars.
I, Buer have incorporated a PIVX PACK (http://pivxalliance.org/packs/ or PIVX Alliances - Proposal now up for voting!) to publish the PIVX iOS app on the AppStore. My application to their enterprise program has been rejected, most likely for lack of company history. I seek to rectify this and attempt again. I will need 3.5k EUR to cover a years’ subscription to an accountant knowledgeable in these matters. Bear in mind this company may be used to formalise other PIVX partnerships and settle legal issues in the future. Although not imperative, should any funds be left in the budget some may be destined for this item.
I am including this item in this proposal because this same company will be acting as a proxy and paying taxes for all upcoming PIVX Summits expenses. This will be covered in tranches.
Overall I do not expect the expenses listed above to exceed 5k PIVX. The remaining will be kept for further promotion and event attendance. The entirety of this budget will be devolved to cover expenses to the project, not one piv will be distributed as a salary or to cover personal expenses independent of the items mentioned above. The PIVXSummits team hopes to reinstate it’s standard monthly budget of 5k a month starting next treasury cycle for the remainder of 2018.
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