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Archived PIVXpress, DYK, Interviews, and MORE - SnappySnap


May '18

PIVXpress, DYK, Interviews, and MORE - SnappySnap
This is a NEW proposal being submitted in order to ascertain the communities desire to see my ongoing involvement in:
  1. Weekly 4-8 minute VIDEO recaps going out about PIVX
  2. DYK (30-60 second shorter information videos covering various tech and other breaking updates about PIVX)
  3. Interviews, Podcast, and Meetup Representation to the public about PIVX
REMINDER: The prior PIVXpress proposal was joined into another proposal as creative/video content/audio work was all done by rhubarbarian and was being funded via that proposal.
HOWEVER: There are now two “marketing/branding” proposals in submission currently. The one that contained the PIVXpress funding, and a separate one That being said - SHOULD the PIVX branding and creative proposal that contained the PIVXpress funding not pass, PIVXpress / video creation / content of PIVXpress and DYK would go unfunded.
IN THE EVENT: That this proposal AND the original PIVX branding and creative proposal get funded - the duplicate proposal funding will be pushed to support events/conferences/travels (which @buer is currently spearheading/organizing).
Weekly PIVXpress episode covering PIVX updates, news, and more
As needed DYK (Did you know’s) to highlight facts and breaking news for PIVX
Livestream Facebook Lives and Twitter Lives ad hoc
Weekly TA/Trend Recap (TBD - looking for a marketing recap expert to provide qualified analysis we can use)
After 90+ successful PIVXpress and DYK episodes resulting in 10’s of thousands of views, we believe we have demonstrated the capacity to continue this weekly video series indefinitely to continue to help expand the market awareness for PIVX.
Examples of the work thus far:
PIVXpress: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw-J2Z-eD_4wztMKNXW6QKVDIfNLa6wf7
DYK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw-J2Z-eD_4xgVAC-LnvKpeNasPBSX2Ds
  • SnappySnap (face of PIVXpress).
  • Rhubarb Media: Creative Director and video editor.
On average snappysnap and rhubarbarian are spending 14-18 hours a week combined towards PIVXpress and DYK’s alone (trackable by timestamps in Teamwork.com).
This is a new addition to the proposal. I have been more and more finding myself engaged with podcasts, video interviews, etc, that range anywhere from 1-8hrs a week on average (airing time, prep-work, travel if needed).
The original equipment (gopro 5, Lav Mic, etc) was purchased to kick off these series. I will be looking to upgrade shortly (and will then send the other equipment to various PIVX ambassadors to use and start their own tapings/etc).
Funding for this proposal is 1750 PIV per month, for 3 months.
We are also asking for an additional 100 PIV for reimbursement of proposal submission fees. This includes 50 PIV for the Proposal Submission Fee, and 50 PIV for the Proposal Finalization Fee.
Therefore we are asking for a total of 5,350 PIV or 1783.33 for 3 months.
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