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Archived PIVXpress in Spanish


Aug '18

Hello everyone!!
This is me ONeZetty, I fall in love with this project immediately, I try to do my best everywhere I could. In the translation team, in the ambassador team, making meetups, and working copy/translation/paste on social media, trying to deliver the message to the Spanish community. This I have been doing so far:
And recently the:
Is important to mention that I not been paying for doing this, and never was my intention to been paying for, I do it because is fun, you know the JFDI!!!
And is more IMPORTANT to mention that so far the community always supports, I never feel alone ALL the members of the community give all the support I ever need, even some PIV to Keep it Purple so that I been doing.
The new Youtube Channel is now the biggest of this projects and the most expensive, is not an easy task, every video is almost a full day planning, filming, editing and uploading, and the last 3 videos I did for myself only, no external help, so far I took 5 PIV form the ambassador budget for the transportation (taxi or bus) for every video that I made, but nothing else, all the work is free, but unfortunately is not.
So I know these times are a little “complicated” to make a full proposal, so I not going to make one, not now, and I will not use the ambassador budget it does not feel ok to me, and because I love this community I will continue making videos, photos all the time I could. So if someone is interested in support with some PIV my project, please contact me on Discord all your help will be appreciated.
Thanks for your suggestion, this is my PIVX address incase you like make a donation
Why do I need funds? Well, I like to buy:
  • Better micro
  • Extra battery for the cam
  • Taxis
  • Bus tickets
  • Tacos
  • Beers
Thanks and Keep It Purple.