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Archived PIVXpress Video Vlog Proposal (Weekly+ PIVX updates)


Jun '17

PIVXpress Video Vlog Proposal (Weekly+ PIVX updates)
Our Goals
We (@Rhubarbarian and @Snappysnap) are presenting this proposal in order to be able to effectively continue and expand the success of the PIVXpress series, a weekly VLOG miniseries covering the latest updates about PIVX. After three successful episodes, we believe we have demonstrated the capacity & the team to continue this weekly video series indefinitely to continue to help expand the market awareness for PIVX. Our goal is to provide a 2-3 minute PIVXpress video each week covering topics such as latest development news, latest partnerships, weekly trend and market recap to see PIVX take the next leap forward.
We will continue to protect the PIVX brand and its message and helping PIVX move to global brand awareness and product acceptance via this weekly VLOG series. Additionally, we will seek to add other weekly shorts called “Did You Knows” (DYK) that will be 15-20 second clips covering quick updates from the community.
Value Drivers:
Rhubarb Media is an 11 year creative studio, was involved/the lead in the PIVX rebrand, and have been an ardent supporter of the PIVX community from the start.
SnappySnap (face of PIVXpress) has also been an ardent supporter of the PIVX community from the beginning, helping to foster the community growth and over the past 3 episodes taken on the role of presenting PIVX updates weekly.
To see all of what we have created so far:
(1100+ Views)
(1600+ Views)
(Just released)

PIVXpress: Did You Know #1 (DYK1)

DYK? PIVX - Did You Know #2 (DYK2) Uquid Card

DYK? PIVX - Did You Know #3 Name Rebrand

DYK? PIVX - Did You Know #4 - 6,000 Slack Members & 20 language Translations!

DYK? PIVX - Did You Know #5: PIVX Point of Sale (POS) Terminals Coming!!!

The Shows
2-5 minute video recaps about the week in PIVX, or theme based commentary like the Roadmap episode.
DYK (Did you know)
Providing 1-2 mini videos (10-20 second videos) highlighting the most breaking updates from the community.
Marketplace Update
Expanding the weekly Video to include a weekly market TA analysis as well.
Interviews with industry leaders as well as other PIVX community members
Production Team
Our team includes:
Chad Ballantyne as Creative Director and video editor
Bryan Doreian (SnappySnap) as the host, camera operator, and episode creator
We may throughout the tenure of the proposal do a call for extra support as needed from the community.
Proven from the start:
Chad started in Nov 2016 working with the team, he continues to pour countless hours into communications and moderating the slack community, vision casting and shaping the core messaging all along.
Bryan started in Nov/Dec 2016 working with the community, and since March taken on an active role in communicating the PIVX vision to the larger public.
Together: they JFDI - and started the PIVXpress video series on their own to help drive market awareness.
Hourly Tracking: By using Teamwork, Chad and Bryan have been tracking their time and hourly commitment to the development of the PIVX community and PIVXpress. On average both are spending 10-15 hours a week or more towards PIVXpress alone.
Success Metrics
Success will primarily be measured by the continued rapid growth of the PIVXpress video series into the larger media/press (And viewership increases).
Market Adoption
Funding for this proposal is 2000 PIV per month, for 3 months.
We are also asking for an additional 100 PIV for reimbursement of proposal submission fees. This includes 50 PIV for the Proposal Submission Fee, and 50 PIV for the Proposal Finalization Fee.
Therefore we are asking for a total of 6,100 PIV or 2033.33 for 3 months.
We are basing this off the current PIV price, and if there is a decrease, we will absorb that cost. If there is an increase in the PIV price, we will add more hours to the project effort.
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