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Archived PR Content Writer/Editor 3


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Title: PR Content Writer Editor 3
Name: prcontentwritereditor3
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 1000
Total Amnt: 3050
Author: optical88
Receiver: optical88
Status: Pre-Proposed
Hello PIVX Community!

I’m happy to report another successful quarter in content creation and community outreach. The PIVX Prose series has seen continued success and I am looking forward to keeping the series going.

For the next three months, things are going to be slightly different from last time. I’ll go into the details below.

Last quarter, I proposed the creation of a content writers team and set up a budget for content creation. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure professional talent. As such, I will not be requesting any additional funding for this.

At present, I have a fund of 600 PIV that is still allotted for the purpose of hiring content writers. The good news is I am in negotiations with a few promising writers, and hopefully this project will be able to launch this quarter. Once we have a stable set of content writers and have used the previous budget allotment, I will look into asking for more funding in a subsequent proposal.

This quarter, we are going to start a major marketing push. Part of that will include the re-launch of a monthly PIVX newsletter. The newsletter will include all content that we released in that month, as well as a few special features that are exclusive to the newsletter. With a major wallet release on the horizon, we’ll need to work hard to stay in touch with crypto news media and have plenty of fresh content available for journalists to cite and use as a source.

Lastly, I will also be acting as a content creator for the marketing team led by Chad/Rhubarbarian. That means any content needed by the marketing team or any other related team or initiative, I will be there to help create it.

The Numbers

For this period I am requesting funding for the following:

PR and Communications Administrator - 1000 PIV per month
Refund of proposal fee - 50 PIV

Total: 3050 PIV over three months
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