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Archived Pre-Proposal Discussion: PaperPIV Phase2


Apr '18

This is intended as a pre-pre-proposal for people to add in their thoughts and help shape the coming proposal. As we progress, I will create a more concrete pre-proposal.

Hey guys, so PaperPIV is back on the menu. As many of you know, I was managing the PaperPIV project in the fall of 2017 and we completed a working prototype. Ever since then, you lot have been harassing me for something functional that everyone can use. The problem was, what we had was functional, but completely user UNfriendly. It needs a lot more development before it can function in the wild so to speak. At the time there were two things preventing me from pulling the trigger on this.
  1. We had no iOS support. For PaperPIV to function, it needs a mobile wallet that can sweep an address via the QR scanner. There was no wallet for iOS that could do this and accepted PIVX. This has been solved because Coinomi is now on iOS!
  2. The budget really could not justify another large (albeit short term) development cost. Now this isn’t quite the cost of our dev team, but it boiled down to a few thousand PIV a month at the time and it was too much. With the increasing budget coming up, there is more wiggle room for something like this. Though, currently I am not sure just how much wiggle room.
    Now that these obstacles have been lessened, I think it is time to start discussing moving this project forward.
What We Have:
We have a working prototype design, terminal based application that can fill the design out, and a method for actually making these function. We also have a website that can give users the basic rundown.
What We Need:
An application with a smooth, easy to use UI that can create and manage someone’s PaperPIV. This includes tracking to reclaim PaperPIV that were never used by the person they were given to. This application should also offer PaperPIV creators options for different designs, so they can fit them to different situations. E.g. tips, gifts, rewards, etc.
Update the website. It’s pretty lame at the moment TBH. It was created to serve the demo market and will need to be really smoothed out for mass consumption. Translation to every language we can manage would also be important.
I’m one of the folks working out of Barrie, Ontario and I also work with the city both on behalf of PIVX and a separate side project. The city is working towards integrating PIVX into commerce within Barrie. One of the projects coming this summer is tipping Buskers with PIV. A fairly easy task that I am helping them orchestrate. It occurred to me that while this is a neat thing for them to do. Only a handful of people in Barrie use PIV. So there is a solid synergy with rolling out PaperPIV on mass in Barrie. If we can hook people into getting mobile wallets and claiming their PIV, they can use it for the Buskers. This flow of transactions also makes it easier to talk the stores into giving it a shot. This is my conclusion anyways. Now, it is important to note that even if we were to start work on PaperPIV immediately, it would not be done properly in time for this season, but would be surely ready for next year when the program returns. (The city intends to try it for a few years to my knowledge. They are aware that the first year will likely be small) It is also important to note, that we don’t intend to just use PaperPIV within barrie. This is just a good synergy + beta testing opportunity.
I intend to act as project manager, but it is not a full time deal frankly. I will continue to do PIVXClass and my other works while doing this. PaperPIV is a project I am motivated to make work and as such, you can count on me to not take it lightly. As far as compensation goes, I haven’t decided anything yet as I want to work out the rest of the costs, but ultimately I’m not going to ask for much. PIVX Class is enough to keep me going for the most part, I just don’t do free work as it gets taken for granted too often. (Just a philosophy I believe in, no finger pointing.)
Developer, we had one, but @sabhiram has gone MIA since the Slack transition. This is a shame, he was quite talented, but we’ll continue on. This will likely be the brunt of costs. Sab had quoted around 350-400 hours for the whole build out of the application. This app will need to act as a lite wallet on top of the previously mentioned needs. I am not a developer, so I can’t really judge the complexity of it all, but I know it won’t be a total cakewalk. If you are reading and interested in the job, please say so. Anyone who wants the work will need to have either a good rep in the community, someone with a good rep who can vouch, or proof of your skills/work.
Design: We’ll need to do some design work as well. Both on making the application kind of pretty as well as adding alternate PaperPIV designs. I think we should give UI design to professionals, but I am currently thinking that community competitions for PaperPIV designs would be cheaper and likely yield some cool results.
Alright, those are my thoughts on what will be phase 2 of PaperPIV. Let me know what you think of this informal proposal and what you’d like to see from PaperPIV if this goes forward. Also, again, if you have interest in the dev side of things, please pipe up.