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Archived Pre-Proposal Discussions - PIVX Sponsorship of the Cancun’s FLISoL 2018


Feb '18

UPDATE!!! A whale reached out and donated the full amount for this event.

Thank you very much for support the community, this is why I love PIVX

Hi, I'm ONeZetty, from Cancun, Mexico. You may be seeing that I been promoting PIVX all around my city, recently I participated in the PIVX team in Acarchapulco.
This pre-proposal discussion is for your feedback for Sponsorship the FLISoL, what I been organized for the last 5 years and the next edition will be April 28, 2018.
Let me tell you more about the FLISoL: (Take it from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLISOL)
FLISoL an acronym for “Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre” (Latin American Free Software Install Fest), which is the biggest event for spreading Software Libre (Free Software / Open Source) since 2005, performed simultaneously in different countries of Latin America. In 2012, more than 290 cities from 20 countries of Latin America participated on a FLISoL.
This festival is an opportunity for all those people interested in know more about Software Libre. Getting involved makes it possible to get in touch with the world of Software Libre, meet other users, resolve doubts and questions, exchange opinions and experiences, attend to informative talks and others activities.
The objective of the FLISoL is to introduce Software Libre by its most known representative: Linux; or by installing Software Libre like LibreOffice, GIMP, Firefox and many more. During the event, operating systems or other free alternatives are installed for free to people who want to on their computers.
Also, talks are given along with papers and workshops about local, national and Latin American topics related to Software Libre and its movement.
Is important to know, that the object itself is to create a link and promote migration between the users (newbies and advanced) and Software Libre.
You may know that piracy is a big problem in Latin America because the opportunities to buy proprietary software are limited, so this event is important because we promote libre software, free to use, download and free to be distributed. It was because the FLISoL that I use LINUX and that I knew about Bitcoin.
And of course, PIVX use a lot of free and open source software so we encourage the new generation to use tools free and safe. This event is focused on the students from high schools and public universities but is open to anyone interesting in good quality free software.
Why do we need the PIVX Sponsorship?
The promotion of the event, t-shirt, the bounty for the staff, paying the design, tips for the volunteers that will help and food and soft drinks for the assistants.
What do we need?
  • 500 USD for the T-shirts
  • 200 USD for food and soft drinks
  • 400 USD staff bounties
  • 100 USD for Give away PIVX to the attendees (1 USD per person)
  • 50 USD Transportation (Taxis)
Total: $1250 USD: 242 PIV + 100 PIV (proposal fee), 342 PIV at the moment of write this post.
What is the benefit for the PIVX community?
Besides all the PIVX fundaments to help the community, I will give a 20 minutes conference about PIVX to the attendees of the FLISoL, and I will give away 1 USD to all people that download the PIVX Wallet (1 USD for person).
Official web page of the FLISoL: https://flisol.info
Links of the past events (Spanish):
Sal! Revista – 20 Apr 15

El Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre FLISOL en Cancún
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SIPSE.com – 22 Apr 16

Bueno, útil y gratis el festival de software en Cancún
El único requisito para tener acceso es llevar una computadora y un USB.

SIPSE.com – 24 Apr 16

Así fue la instalación masiva de software gratuito en Cancún
Es la quinta vez que la Flisol se hace en esta ciudad; se realizó simultáneamente en otros países.

Capital QuintanaRoo Presentarán la 5ta edición del FLISoL en Cancún
El evento es gratuito y se realizará el sábado 23 de abril, en Punto México Conectado, de las 10:00 a las 17:00 horas


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Tequila Valley Cancún

FLISoL Cancun 2016
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