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Archived Pre-Proposal: Improving Masternode Functionalities


Mar '18

Right now, if you were to run a PIVX master-node, it would cost over $60.5k, and you would make only $304/month. Even if you were an earlier adopter and didn’t take into account USD value, spending 10k PIVX to run a masternode and getting only 50 PIVX a month would take over 15 years to get close to a break-even point. Even though, it is POS, Pivx masternode users are still validating the blockchain and running services for Pivx. There is currently no integrated solution either from a firmware, software, or algorithmic standpoint to optimize this.
My proposal is to end up creating some sort of validator service on top of the Pivx network that can better optimize running a master node and speed up the process of staking. This will hence bring up the value of Pivx as well as make it more profitable for more people to use master-nodes.
  1. Create Whitepaper
  2. Get a masternode configuration to start running Pivx
  3. Improving protocols and configurations
  4. Creating a extended version of PIVX’s proof of transaction protocol
Right now, I am looking to raise enough for a PIVX Masternode to start understanding its functionalities, and improving on them. However, if I can work with PIVX developers on this and integrate a solution that is fine too. I don’t care much about earning much from this, but I see that for the continuation of PIVX, there needs to be a better solution then what is out there to continue supporting the infrastructure of the network.