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Archived Pre Proposal - PIVHub Marketplace & Community Hub


Mar '18

With all love, honor, and respect I present this pre-proposal for discussion on the forum. This proposal is three months in preparation, has been reviewed by numerous mentors and is now ready for discussion at large.
You can view the full version here. 10

1.0 Project Background, Recommendations & Purpose
2.0 Project Schedule & Development Process
3.0 Strategic Overview
4.0 Team Background & Capabilities
5.0 Budget & Justification
6.0 Communication Strategy
Section 1.1 - Project Background
PIVX is a community-centric cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world use. PIVX believes that individuals have the right to transact business, without interference from corporate pressures, regulatory influences and prying eyes. In this modern age, PIVX allows individuals to exchange and use their wealth how they wish, with a peace of mind that their activities are occurring in a swift, confidential, and verified manner.
The development team is implementing an ambitious roadmap for 2018. They are well on their way to creating the premier privacy cryptocurrency.
The marketing team is working around the clock to raise the social consciousness of PIVX. They have a cohesive, professional message that is drawing in new grass-roots supporters every day.
One of the main initiatives being developed by the marketing team for 2018 is the ambassador program. The ambassador program will empower many PIVians to reach out to their local and social spheres of influence, increasing engagement in PIVX. This project, PIVHub, aims to be the pivotal (pun intended) tool in the ambassador’s arsenal and one of the key drivers of PIVX adoption.
Section 1.2 - Industry Example
As an illustration, WD-40 is the dominant global brand in its market. It is one product with many uses. The marketing team has a simple set of questions they ask themselves every day: Do you need me? Do you know me? Can you buy me?
With the change of one word, these three questions can push PIVX forward: Do you need me? Do you know me? Can you use me?
The development team is answering the need. The marketing team is making us known. This proposal will answer the final question.
Section 1.3 - Overview
PIVHub (or a similar domain name) will be an online marketplace and hub for the PIVX community. The website and mobile app will offer members a platform to trade privately and securely using PIV or zPIV. Companies can advertise and post jobs as long as they pay a portion of the salary with PIV.
Section 1.4 - Reasoning & Purpose
Cryptocurrencies road to mass adoption has begun. No longer the domain of programmers, speculative investors, and libertarians, the knowledge gap is shrinking between early adopters and the public. Increasingly, individuals recognize the vast potential which exists in blockchain technology. The currencies and tokens which prove themselves to be the user-friendly, feature rich and the simplest to access will become the dominant players in the years to come.
A dedicated ecosystem for facilitating PIV and zPIV transactions which will serve as a sustainable platform for adoption and steady growth.
The purposes outlined for this project are intentionally lean as each step in the development process will allow the PIVX community to help mold the product as we flow through the project together as a whole.
Section 1.5 - Project Purpose Breakdown
Purpose 1: Provide a marketplace for members to advertise local jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, and gigs.
Purpose 2: Provide a community section which includes local event calendars and discussion forums.
Purpose 3: Create an option for members to interact on the marketplace with either their standard profile or a private profile.
Purpose 4: Allow members to purchase goods online from other members. These items can be direct download or shipped to the buyer.
Purpose 5: Create an option for member to purchase goods online with either their standard profile or a private profile.
Purpose 6: Create a private shipping option.
Purpose 7: Create a package tracking option to ensure that members are secure in their transaction.
Purpose 8: Create a rating system for members to hold each other accountable.
Purpose 9: Create an escrow service for all goods sold online that will hold funds until the item(s) for sale have been delivered and the buyer has rated the seller.
Purpose 10: Staking the funds in escrow to self-fund the continued operation of the marketplace. Once escrow staking exceeds operating cost, the marketplace will help with micro-loans and fund small community projects.
Purpose 11: Allow members to buy and sell PIV through the marketplace for fiat.
Purpose 12: This purpose will need to be discussed as there are two potential options with different outcomes for each.
Purpose 12 Options
Option 1:
The price of an item for sale will display in local currency with the PIVX price in brackets beside it. The PIVX price will be determined based on a rolling 24-hour average.
Example: Joe is in England and he is offering a jersey for sale and he will ship the jersey anywhere in Europe. He wants to sell the jersey for £20. The 24-hour average asking price for PIVX based on several major exchanges is £8.74. Joe will see the price for his jersey as £20 [2.288] as would anyone else using the GBP as their benchmark currency. Camila is in Spain and is considering purchasing the jersey from Joe. Her currency is the Euro so the exchange rate between GBP and Euro would calculate and display in both Euro and PIV so Camila would see €22.9 [2.288].
Option 2: The PIVX community votes on the value of PIVX and uses that value for all transactions on the marketplace until another value change vote takes place.
Example: The PIVX community votes and agrees that the value of PIV should be decided upon by the community. Another vote takes place, and the exchange rate of PIV is agreed to be 1 PIV = $10. From that point until a change occurs, all transactions on the marketplace will use this conversion factor. In this scenario Joe would list his jersey, asking £20, and the marketplace would convert the value in PIV to 2.814. Once listed Joe would see £20 [2.814].
Any member who wishes to buy or sell PIV through the marketplace would used 1 PIV = $10 as the exchange rate. This would allow the PIVX community to raise the value of PIVX without the wild fluctuations in price due to lack of control in the exchange markets - thus providing us with a stable currency.
Section 2.1 - Project Timeline & Review Schedule
There will be 4 project proposals over the course of 8 months. The proposals are broken down in this manner to ensure that an accurate amount of PIV is requested at each stage of the development process. This will help ensure that the project is fully funded but does not exceed funding requirements.
Each project proposal will comprise four two-week sprints over two months. At the end of each sprint, a deliverable will ship to the PIVX community for review. This will ensure:
  1. The PIVX community knows of the project and its progress.
  2. The PIVX community voices its opinions on the deliverable.
  3. The project team is able to use the feedback as part of its agile practice. This will ensure that the team delivers the most value possible with a minimum amount of waste.
Section 2.2 - Sprint Roadmap
The sprint roadmap is preliminary and fluid based on feedback from the PIVX community. As an agile practice, it will change as the project advances to ensure the most value is delivered to the community.
Project Proposal I
Sprint 1 - Research & Discovery
Sprint 2 - Architecture Plan & Full Backlog
Sprint 3 - Wireframes & Sitemap
Sprint 4 - Basic Local Marketplace Launch

Project Proposal II
Sprint 5 - Community Functionality Added
Sprint 6 - Payment Gateway Architecture Planning
Sprint 7 - Rating System
Sprint 8 - Digital Download

Project Proposal III
Sprint 9 - Package Tracking
Sprint 10 - Escrow Architecture
Sprint 11 - Escrow Staking
Sprint 12 - Full Online Sales

Project Proposal IV
Sprint 13 - Sell and Purchase PIV through Marketplace
Sprint 14 - Private Shipping
Sprint 15 - Site Security Enhancements
Sprint 16 - Maintenance Plan

Section 3.1 - Strategic Review
No project should be initiated unless its purpose helps to fulfill a goal of the organization and that goal must bring the organization closer to its vision. This project is broken into 12 separate purposes. Each purpose has been tested within a logical framework to make sure it meets the final criteria.
The central purpose of this project is to create:
A dedicated ecosystem for facilitating PIV and zPIV transactions which will serve as a sustainable platform for adoption and steady growth.
This purpose achieves the following goal:
Increased value of PIVX brand as PIV and zPIV are increasingly adopted to transact business.
This goal supports the vision of PIVX:
PIVX is the premier privacy cryptocurrency providing its users an unparalleled platform to transact their business privately and securely. privately and securely.
Section 3.2 - Governance
PIVHub.org as an entity will be overseen by the PIVX community. A not-for-profit or LLC with the same name as the domain will be established with the Product Owner and several PIVX Mentors as agents. The project team will oversee security and maintenance of the site. They will not need funds from future project proposal requests as PIVHub will be self-sustaining. Operational authority can pass to other representatives of the PIVX community. The PIVX community can also vote to establish a new operations team to oversee the security and maintenance of the site.
Section 4.1 - Team Background & Capabilities
Douglas Broughton (@ brought) - Product Owner*
Douglas is a strategic project manager, agile practitioner, and servant leader with a two-decade track record of guiding Fortune 500 organizations and employees into meaningful and lasting change. As a process improvement specialist, Doug delves deep into data, systems, and metrics to design novel solutions to our most pressing problems. Doug is the founder of AFEW Ideas, a decentralized organization dedicated to solving our atmospheric, food, energy and water scarcity issues. He is assisting PIVX with ambassador recruitment to help educate, energize, and promote adoption of its cryptocurrency.
Brian Wentzloff - Lead Developer
Brian Wentzloff is a developer and fintech/blockchain entrepreneur who has extensive experience with DevOps, Solidity, and C++. He also has extensive experience with prominent development technologies–PHP, Python, and JavaScript. Brian is also a founding partner of Web3Devs, a leading smart contract development firm. He is also president of the board of directors of Blockchain901, a Memphis-based non-profit for blockchain education. In addition to a number of small startups, he has also worked with global corporations like IBM and Cardinal Health. Brian was an early supporter of PIVX as he interviewed members of the team in 2017 for his youTube video series.
James Ruffer - Blockchain Architect
James F. Ruffer III is the founder of DB|Migrate, a decentralized development team in the FinTech/Blockchain space, and leads a team responsible for building and deploying Blockchain, Ethereum, and smart contract applications. He has, since 2015, used his hands-on experience with DevOps, Ruby, Solidity and project management to assist Caribbean-based companies with digital fiat currencies (eCurrency). Before DBMigrate, James co-founded Fintech companies Paay and ePayment, through which he created a mobile wallet and the first e-commerce solution for Facebook pages. He also served on the tech advisory board for EMVCo and provided the input that helped Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay write the current rules for 3dSecure 2.0.
Steven Lee - Blockchain Developer
Stephen Lee is a graduate student in computer science at the University of Memphis and co-founder of BookLocal, a project which seeks to simplify travel by creating a hotel room distribution platform on the Ethereum blockchain. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in economics.
Aaron Anderson - Front-end Developer
Aaron L. Anderson began his career as an officer in the U.S. Army and has 15+ years of experience in management. He has lead combat aviation operations, drilled oil wells, built high voltage transmission lines, and supplied hospitals. Aaron taught himself how to code in VBA in order to build custom applications to streamline his own workflows and improve communication with his project stakeholders. In 2015, he realized the potential of smart contracts to disrupt the profession of project management and began to pivot towards specialization in ÐApp development. Aaron completed the web development career course at The Iron Yard in Durham, NC where he acquired the skills to transform smart contracts into full featured consumer applications.
Section 5.1 - Cost & Workload Breakdown
The total estimated worked hours for this project is 2200. Additional costs for incorporation, hosting and server have been calculated and are considered constant over the course of the project. Together, the entire project cost estimate is $177,600.
The workload is broken into four project proposals and will follow a standard bell curve with most worked hours occurring in Project Phase II and IV as shown below.
Project Phase I - 14% of project cost
Project Phase II - 34% of project cost
Project Phas III - 34% of project cost
Project Phase IV - 14% of project cost
This leads to the following fund requirement for each phase as follows:
Project Phase I - $28,416 [Current estimate 6315 PIV]
Project Phase II - $60,384 [PIV calculated prior to proposal]
Project Phase III - $60,384 [PIV calculated prior to proposal]
Project Phase IV - $28,416 [PIV calculated prior to proposal]
Section 5.2 - Budget Justification
This project seeks to deliver to the PIVX community an enterprise level marketplace accessible via desktop and mobile app.
Surveys and quotes from numerous providers have shown that the budget presented in this proposal is highly competitive. When you factor that our team will create a custom payment gateway for PIV with almost unmatched consumer privacy, the value contained in this project far outweighs the cost.
Section 6.1 - Internal Communication
The project team will use several online collaboration tools for daily project tasks including a daily stand up where each member is accountable for their actions as we seek to eliminate any waste in our processes.
The project team will also meet face-to-face to flush out ideas and work through the backlog.
Section 6.2 - Mentors
The project team requests that PIVX mentors assist as subject-matter experts during the project. Mentors will be available to answer questions, have access to our collaboration tools and can give quick feedback on team progress.
Section 6.3 - External Communication
At the end of each two-week sprint, the project team will ship a deliverable to the PIVX community. Links to view the progress will be provided in the PIVX forum. The project team requests that a specific channel is created on the PIVX Discord for the project so that all thoughts, questions, and comments can be contained in that space.