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Apr '18

PDF Copy of proposal https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m4-kS_CZmg5CIZlHKOAnVei0clENoHR-/view?usp=sharing 6
I’m submitting this proposal on behalf of Mark.
Hello PIVX. This proposal will focus on PIVX strategic growth by first building the foundation and
infrastructure of any project - adoption alliances of companies who will use PIVX.
Any successful company or product depends on knowing your target market. Marketing PIVX
requires a targeted marketing strategy where the goals are to generate revenue and build a
strong user base.
You can learn a lot about how to market and not market a product by taking a look at what the
competition is doing. Put on your consumer hat when doing the research and view the product
from the viewpoint of the customer. Taking this approach can help PIVX gain insight on what
tactics may work to boost sells and create the fan base.
How to create and maintain a fan base around PIVX is the number one objective. Knowing what
marketing mix and the target market will successfully gain a larger user base. Even though
PIVX has been in the crypto market for over a year, it is now time to create the buzz around the
coin. This requires more than just generating awareness and garner interest in PIVX. It requires
reaching out beyond the crypto community and creating alliances with corporations to use PIVX
as a payment method to purchase products and services. These demands a two fold approach:
one is to create the buzz and demand (otherwise known as the foundation) around PIVX and
secondly to create the connections or corporate alliances to which PIVX can be used (otherwise
known as the infrastructure).
If a product doesn’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. For those at the top of a
mountain didn’t fall there!!!
I know that PIVX has a competitive advantage as a true privacy coin. Now it is time to take PIVX
to the top of the mountain.
About Me
My name is Mark Hurst, I’m a seasoned veteran in the marketing, sales promotions, trade show
marketing and business partnership development space. I’ve been in the marketing and
promotion business for 25+ years.
I was born and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia where I attended private schools. While at
University of Georgia for 1 year, in 1993 I landed my first real job with Sony Music as Concert
Promotions Manager. At Sony Music, I traveled with music artist around the world. In 1995 while
in Salt Lake City, UT preparing for a concert, I discovered a 10 year old struggling small
advertising agency. In the mid 1990’s multimedia advertising was just beginning and I bought
50% of the small advertising agency for $55,000. In 1996, I acquired 100% of the agency and
renamed the agency “The Hurst Group”. I implemented 100% focus as a high tech media
advertising agency and landed large contracts with MCI Worldcom, Lucent Technologies,
3COM, Novell and others. In 1999, I sold The Hurst Group to JDA Advertising for $15 million.
ClickZ – 28 Jul 99 JDA Advertising Acquires The Hurst Group - ClickZ
High-tech marketing and communications firm JDA Advertisingacquired The Hurst Group, a $15 million Salt Lake City agency.

In 2000 I founded Hurst Group LLC, a Sales Promotion Agency and the subsidiary, VIP
Corporate Events LLC a Hospitality Event Company that both companies worked very closely
with Advertising Agencies and Corporations directly.
Hurst Group LLC became one of the leading Sales Promotion Agencies managing over $40
million in yearly corporate budgets. Hurst Group LLC also specialize in the creation of sales
promotions for new product launches and business development, and with that comes a deep
contact list with many connections. I have created sales promotions for many large companies
including Fortune 500s with clients including Apple, SAP, Oracle, Whole Foods, Delta Air Lines.
The Hospitality Event Business produced private events globally for corporations and their A-list
clients. Events included productions of Celebrity golf tournaments and private hospitality events
surrounding sporting venues such as the Masters, Superbowl, Kentucky Derby, British Open
and many more. (https://www.clickz.com/jda-advertising-acquires-the-hurst-group/81576/)
In 2010 I closed the businesses due to the banking crisis, and soon after became a partner and
Vice President of BLS Finance LLC. I recently have sold my position and partnership in BLS
Finance to work directly in the crypto space.
In 2016 I was introduced to BITCOIN which I purchased my first Bitcoin. Since then I have
become a huge fan of PIVX. I believe PIVX is a true hidden gem that I can help take to the next
level of adoption. PIVX has created the products needed and with the launch of the PIVX App, it
is now ready for the next step in business alliances and adoption.
Proposal Details
I plan to both manage and run PIVX representation at 10 carefully selected conferences through
Q2 2019 to build PIVX presence in the public sector as well as use my 25+ years in industry
with deep connections to build business partnerships across North America. Once relationships
have launched in North America, PIVX will be ready for a global campaign.
The proposal is designed to establish business alliances with Manufacturing, Distribution and
Business Owners. There are several POS systems that PIVX needs to partner with.
Budget Proposal Breakdown
● Salary - $100K
● 10 x 20 Booth - $30K
● Staffing for events - $36K
● Travel - $50+K
● Administrative Assistant - $40+K
● 10 Conferences - $90+K
Monthly Budget Breakdown
Monthly (12 months) - 5,000 PIVX per month