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Archived Proposal: PIVX Sponsorship of Anti-Media (UPDATED)


Mar '18

“Privacy isn’t about something to hide. Privacy is about something to protect. And that’s who you are. That’s what you believe in. That’s who you want to become. Privacy is the right to the self. Privacy is what gives you the ability to share with the world who you are on your own terms.” -Edward Snowden
Hi PIVians, we’re Anti-Media
The goal of this proposal is to secure funding for our media outlet, Anti-Media, while delivering effective, large-scale, censorship-proof branding and marketing for PIVX. Background
Much like cryptocurrencies, Anti-Media was born from the internet to disrupt the mainstream paradigm of centralization. As young people began to ask questions about the status quo online, we found a home in anti-establishment millennial circles that were looking for explanations of why the world is the way it is. Since we started as a non-partisan Facebook meme page in 2013, Anti-Media has grown into a leader in digital independent media, reaching over 12 million people every month. Our founder, Nick Bernabe, started the company after witnessing widespread shortcomings in politics and media during the U.S. elections in 2012. He had the the hope of challenging official narratives and injecting alternative voices into the conversations that shape our world, and five years later, Anti-Media is one of the most trusted, well-known brands in the industry. We also plan to rebuild our website on top of a blockchain in the coming months, becoming one of the first news websites to do so.
Our non-partisan, non-sensationalized content is not only shared throughout our own network of two million+ followers but is also syndicated across hundreds of independent media websites and has been featured on and sourced by mainstream outlets such as Newsweek, Huffington Post, Drudge Report, and Yahoo. Our incredible team of writers, researchers, and editors features some of the most influential personalities in the liberty community, including Carey Wedler, Derrick Broze, Josie Wales, and Nick Bernabe.
Much like our team, our sizable following is made up of largely anti-establishment millennials who value freedom and privacy. This would be a perfect match for PIVX.
PIVX Sponsorship Proposal
In the same way PIVX seeks to disrupt the centralized financial system, Anti-Media seeks to disrupt the centralized media and information model. As PIVX promotes freedom through privacy, Anti-Media publishes content promoting the values of freedom and privacy in everyday life by covering both threats to these values and developments that help protect them. This is why we believe PIVX sponsoring Anti-Media would be an ideal, mutually beneficial, and timely match for the visions of our organizations — especially as large ad networks continue to ban crypto advertising.
If PIVX sponsors Anti-Media, our organizations will both benefit from this innovative new way to fund media and advertise cryptocurrencies.
  • Anti-Media will remove advertisements from Google, Facebook, and other invasive ad companies from our platforms that we’ve relied on to monetize our content for years. We’ve become increasingly concerned with these platforms’ censorship and data mining and would like to cease our use of them altogether. Removing these invasive ads and replacing them with ads for PIVX in prime ad slots will allow our advertisements to align with our values. Sponsoring Anti-Media will enable PIVX to circumvent Google, Facebook, and Twitter bans on cryptocurrency advertisements. It will also make our revenue model censorship-resistant.
  • PIVX banner ads, videos, calls to action, PIVX social media page @tags, and shoutouts will replace most advertisements on our content across all platforms from our website, theantimedia.com, and viral memes and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to our newsletter with 50,000 subscribers, as well as Steemit and Minds.com. This provides a reach of well over 12 million impressions per month. PIVX already has great marketing material, and by sponsoring Anti-Media, we’d be able to seamlessly plug the latest PIVX marketing graphics and videos into our content, which is consumed by an audience that is already skeptical of the financial system and eager to find and support new solutions. PIVX’s social media profiles will receive many new followers from @tagging them on the various platforms. We will provide accounting for all impressions and actions taken on PIVX advertisements across all platforms.
  • Anti-Media will be able to increase the volume, quality, and distribution of our content, expand video programming, hire more prominent writers from the freedom community, increase our network reach, and acquire much more traffic and views for our content. We will be able to scale up news article production and publish at least one cryptocurrency-related article per day. We will publish at least three potentially viral videos per week and dozens of viral memes — all branded with a call to action to buy PIV when possible.
  • PIVX’s marketing materials will be put in front of over 12 million people every month and will reach an audience whose values already align with PIVX’s core principles. We will sponsor certain articles and content strategically for high conversion rates to advertise across Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other advertising networks to drive clicks to the PIVX ads in our content, sending traffic to pivx.org. As we scale up video programming and viral content, the potential to reach far more than 12 million people per month is essentially guaranteed.
  • Anti-Media’s core demographic is highly likely (according to Forbes, Bloomberg 1) to embrace cryptocurrencies.
  • PIVX press releases, updates, and announcements will all be covered by Anti-Media writers and turned into news articles, which will likely be syndicated by many other media sites that aggregate our content.
  • Viral content, which will contain PIVX advertising/branding/call to actions/social media @tags, will be shared with our larger network of distribution partners, which will result in hundreds of millions of impressions for the PIVX brand.
  • Bonus: A reality TV show project we’re currently working on (but are unable to fully disclose publicly because of non-disclosure agreements) would provide massive, mainstream visibility to PIVX if and when it comes to fruition. It may be picked up by Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming/TV networks -- and Anti-Media will play a central role in it. Our PIVX sponsorship would be “grandfathered” into that project. This is not guaranteed but would be a gamechanger for both of our organizations’ name-recognition, branding, and reach.
  • We’ll include disclaimers which note that while PIVX is funding Anti-Media, it doesn’t necessarily agree with the content (a small percentage of content will be clearly marked opinion editorials or could be perceived as incendiary. We'll leave PIVX branding off of highly controversial content to keep the brand safe).
  • Anti-Media will maintain monthly reports on PIVX-branded content impressions, ad impressions, and clicks via social media analytics, Google analytics, and link-shortening services.
  • Anti-Media will maintain spending reports so the PIVX community knows how we’re using the funds.
UPDATE: Our editor in chief mentioned PIVX in her latest video (55 second mark): Deliverables
  • TheAntiMedia.com website traffic with 3 PIVX ads per page
    • 870,000 page views per month, 3 ads per page = 2,610,000 clickable PIVX ad impression (screenshot below of our last 30 days of site analytics).
  • 12 million+ social media branding impressions per month (screenshot below).
  • Social media shoutouts and @tags leading to growth of PIVX social media properties.
  • Crossover audience will provide many new active members to the PIVX community.
  • “Tip the author with PIV” widgets will be integrated into our site, encouraging the use of PIVX
  • One video per month dedicated solely to PIVX promotion.
  • These are baseline numbers based on our currently under-funded operations. As we scale up publishing with funding from this proposal, reach, impressions, and clicks could easily double and continue to grow steadily.
  • As the value of PIVX increases, we’ll be able to deliver exponentially more reach, impressions, and clicks.
  • The effectiveness of our content is likely to create a feedback loop, helping PIVX increase in value and enabling us to reach ever-more people with PIVX-branded content.
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What are we asking for?
  • To accomplish all we set out to do with this proposal, we are requesting 3,000 PIV per month for a 3-month trial period.
(Many ads on websites generate $10 CPM, which is $10 per 1,000 impressions. We’re offering a conservative estimate of 12 million impressions, which would be valued at $120,000 per month by this metric, providing extraordinary value to PIVX.)
  • Coordination with the PIVX marketing team to best implement the latest marketing materials as ads into our content.
  • Coordination with PIVX to best report on press releases, updates, and announcements.
  • Anything else that would help make our delivery of the PIVX brand more effective.
How the funds will be spent (monthly estimates)
  • Anti-Media team wages (writers, editors, social media managers, video editor etc): 1,600 PIV
  • Marketing (with an emphasis on PIVX ad conversions): 650 PIV
  • Operating expenses: 250 PIV
  • Resources to scale up operations/new hires: 250 PIV
  • Research and development: 125 PIV
  • Networking: 125 PIV
  • We’ll use PIVX as our default currency and use it to spend our budget when possible, including paying the Anti-Media team.
  • Three-month trial period (one month for us to scale-up and optimize, two months to collect and report data to PIVX). The sponsorship could be severed at this time in the unlikely event PIVX and/or Anti-Media find the sponsorship unsatisfactory.
  • If the sponsorship is found to be satisfactory for Anti-Media and PIVX, we will re-submit this proposal to be extended for a full year (9 more months).
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Thank you for reading and considering our proposal!