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Archived [Proposal] PIVX Whitepaper - Resubmit


May '18

PIVX White Paper - Re-submission
The contents of this proposal has not changed except for the addition of 50 PIV to refund the last months submission fees. This proposal was intentionally voted down to allow for the larger proposals to continue.
Previous thread: PIVX White Paper
Hi All,
This proposal is to address the creation of a new, comprehensive PIVX white paper. The proposal is submitted by me (Sieres) though the funds will all go to @Strontium for his efforts and to tip helpers / contributors.
This proposal is aimed to address the following:
• This proposal is to reimburse a professional writer @Strontium who is part of the PIVX community for his time and utilising his skills to create the PIVX white paper. The white paper will replace the two documents listed as white papers available on the PIVX website, which outline the retired seesaw mechanism, and outdated Zerocoin version (applicable to pre-zPoS zPIV version 1). The intent is to provide all PIV-ians and new comers information about PIVX with a one-stop resource providing them with in-depth information on PIVX, its goals, technology, and organisational structure. The goal is to release the paper near the implementation of zPoS to maximise the impact of both it and the white paper as they release in tandem.
Current Progress:
• At the point of writing this proposal, the white paper is all but finished, having passed through several revisions after hearing feedback from key members of the PIVX team. All that remains is to have a knowledgeable developer scrutinize the paper to ensure the validity of PIVX and industry related data and technical claims within it, and a final review by the author in response as necessary.
Author & Background:
Strontium – is a qualified strategic communications expert with a broad education, whose previous work includes marketing material, addresses, intra and inter organisation communications, business proposals, and more for sales companies, universities, and government agencies.
• Peer reviewed, professionally written PIVX white paper. The white paper will be stored on GitHub and available on the PIVX website.
The Ask:
• 1000 PIV to cover @Strontium’s time in the creation of the white paper
• 300 PIV to donate to a developer for a in-depth technical peer-review, should the developer pass on the offer of compensation, the 300 PIV will go to @John M’s exchange integration fund
• 200 PIV as nominal donations as a “thank-you” to those that helped review and provide feedback
• 55 PIV will return to @Sieres to cover the fees in raising this proposal
• 50 PIV as a refund of the previous months proposal submission
Total is 1,605 PIV. One time payment.
Voting Details:

Title: PIVX-white-paper
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mnbudgetvote many 4b01a02ddcd7fb2d746d0a112446c5369a2d0a6a6120c993a75f6738ad5368ab no
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