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Archived Seoul, Korea Provenance Blockchain Event


Aug '18

  • PIVX has been offered the opportunity to attend and sponsor the Provenance Blockchain Conference in Seoul, Korea on the 20th of November.
  • We are also working towards having this event preceded by a PIVX [x Monero] community event. Here we wish to attract crypto-specific audiences and conversations.
  • Korea is a crucial region for cryptocurrency awareness and business development. This event will set PIVX opportunity would be PIVX’s chance to gain a foothold there.
  • The sponsorship package will cost 5’000 USD, to which add travel and board costs of 2 core team members.
We are requesting the 5’500 PIVX currently left unclaimed in the SuperBlock 1339200 which is expected to be minted the 4th of September 2018.
Should any funds remain unused for the Provenance Blockchain Event, the balance will go towards our Support and PIVXPress teams which will not have been funded during this treasury cycle.
You may have noticed the team’s request for donations to help further this opportunity. Please contribute what you can: 5’500 pivx is not enough to cover the entire expense. Every piv matters for an extra branded shirt, pin or coffee for our dear developers.
Please donate what you can to this address:

We are also accepting budget-backed loans, to be repaid in full (with no interest) over the next SIX months/budget cycles. For amounts larger than 500 PIV a legal promissory note issued by the PIVXSummits Limited Liability Company may be requested.
You may send the PIVX as a loan to the following address handled by @buer :

Please notify one of the admins of your contribution. Your name will be listed as a PIVX benefactor in all our Provenance Blockchain Events posts and updates.
Please read more about it here:


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ProvenanceSummitSeoul Budget & Governance Proposals

General Sponsors: PIVX @ Provenance Seoul 2018 This proposal has been discussed with the PIVX community (Buer, Strontium) AUTHOR INTRODUCTION Hello everybody, HuiChi here from Provenance Events (www.provenance.events). I would like to introduce myself to the PIVX community. I am from Ireland. My background is in startups and running events. I am actively involved within the startup community with organising entrepreneurial hackathons to being a mentor from a young age. I have brought these …
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