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Sep '18

Welcome to the new Support proposal.
The actual situation:

The support proposal was downvoted multiple times in a row, therefore we needed to restructure the old support proposal as well as modus operandi of the support itself. In this new support proposal, we intend to design PIVX Support to fit the community’s actual needs.
Changes to the prior support proposals:
This proposal will cover upgrades of the (self-help) knowledge base and the maintenance of our freshdesk ticket system, as well as the continued operation and maintenance of the PIVX Tipbot. The support in Discord will be volunteer based community support from now on.
The reasons:
The devs decided to focus more on stability and the unfortunate bear market is bringing less new users, which both combined resulted in less support cases than in the past. Nonetheless there is still the need to have a confidential channel that gives users the opportunity to get direct help without the risk of talking to a scammer or impersonator. We decline to accept any sort of sensitive information from our user, but in some cases they neglected these rules and chose to give out confidential information anyway. We fear without a trusted ticketing system, inexperienced crypto users will be taken advantage of. A ticket system ensures to some degree that these members of our community don’t get scammed by any malicious person in the public channels or by impersonators in direct messages. Another purpose of a functional ticket system is that there are support cases that require more time and knowledge than the average user in the community can invest to solve another users problem. Without support these cases wouldn’t be solved in our users best interest or the devs would need to invest their time in solving these cases instead of focusing on the development of the project. Beside that, the ticket system seems to be a trustful channel for potential alliance partners. Throughout our time of running the ticket system, we have received many inquiries about potential business development opportunities that we passed on to the right people.
What will this proposal cover beside the operation of the ticket system:
As described above this proposal will also cover the costs for the continued operation and maintenance of the PIVX Tipbot in our Discord.
Moreover we will upgrade and maintain the self-help-knowledgebase and set up a WIKI with the information and guides to uncouple these from the freshdesk ticket system.
How many people will work:
At the moment there will be 3 people working on these tasks.
Evan and Slimjim will work on the ticket system and Sieres will take care of the tipbot.
The reduction in the team:
As mentioned before, the new user stream has dried up in recent months, and we are adjusting accordingly. In the future we will look to expand the team as more support requests arise with the next step in PIVX progression.
Speaking about metrics:
(snapshot 8/22 - 9/22)

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What is the cost:
Evan: 610 PIV / month
Slimjim: 610 PIV / month
Sieres: 80 PIV /month
Combined: 1300 PIV / month (We will cover proposal submission fees)
Last but not least:
We hope you like the Revision we did and help us supporting our community!

Proposal Data:
hash= 918609a0c8e1cd9b072a2319c8f563f5eaee766f62736f54b5980913b919cf88
“mnbudget vote-many 918609a0c8e1cd9b072a2319c8f563f5eaee766f62736f54b5980913b919cf88 yes” to vote in favor
“mnbudget vote-many 918609a0c8e1cd9b072a2319c8f563f5eaee766f62736f54b5980913b919cf88 no” to vote against
"mnbudget getinfo Support-Revision” to check the status