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Hi All,
Angelo (and Kelsey) here. We’ve been longtime supporters of PIVX, love the project, community, and vision. We’re now in a place where we can selectively work with, and choose to support blockchain projects…and PIVX is our goto. Looking forward to being of use, and painting 2019 Purple with you all.
One of the strongest signs of a healthy crypto project is a vibrant community and consistent, clear communication from the team.
We are proposing a two-pronged video strategy to spread wider awareness of PIVX on a monthly basis inside the community and beyond.
1. Bi-Weekly PIVX Roundtable - A livestream event happening every other week that features different guests and answers questions from the community.
2. Bi-Weekly YouTube Series - 5 minute episodes of “What’s Poppin’ With PIVX” every other week featuring Kelsey Cole (bio below), who will also act as a global PIVX brand ambassador. Professional, studio quality videos will be delivered with a friendly and simplified approach that can resonate with both crypto veterans and newbs alike.
This project will be managed by Multivitamin Media, a Canadian company owned and operated by experienced crypto marketers Angelo Dodaro and Kelsey Cole. The duo have worked with companies such as Celsius Network (founded by VoIP inventor), Cool Cousin and launched the successful Adbank ICO featuring a viral video they produced in collaboration with SNL writer and Emmy-nominated Zack Bornstein.
It’s quite rare to find someone with real marketing chops who also truly understands the crypto space. Angelo & Kelsey have a deep skillset across pretty much every marketing channel combined with a deep strategic side to quickly make a huge impact. Any project would be lucky to have them helping out.
  • Keith Baumwald, CMO of Celsius Network
1. ## Bi-Weekly PIVX Roundtable
We will introduce a new bi-weekly livestream event that features rotating guests from the team, partners, industry experts and members of the PIVX community.
Each event would focus on a set topic with a section dedicated to answering any questions that have come in from the community.
Discord is an amazing way to have ongoing discussions but it’s not always the most effective medium to answer questions that require more thoughtful answers. We will create a form for community members to submit these types of questions to and communicate with the development team (or whichever team member can best answer) in time for the bi-weekly livestream.
To summarize, we would provide the following:
  • Production and execution of livestream
  • Create agenda and coordinate guests
  • Email newsletter and social media promotion
  • Question form creation, management and getting answers from team members
## 2. Bi-weekly YouTube Series
We will create a new YouTube series of 5-minute videos called “What’s Popping with PIVX”; that are released bi-weekly (opposite weeks of the livestream).
The show will be hosted by Kelsey Cole, named a leading female in crypto by CoinTelegraph that has worked with companies such as Adbank, Celsius Network (founded by inventor of VoIP), Cool Cousin, RedPen and is a recent recipient of the Frontier Women Award presented at the United Nations.
The intention is to provide something with more wider market appeal that is equally simple for existing community members and new Pivian to understand.
To summarize, we would provide the following:
  • 2 episodes per month, approximately 5 minutes in length
  • Professional quality filmed in a studio
  • Email newsletter and social media promotion
  • A one-time fee of 1000 PIV is needed for the creation of video assets to be reused in future videos (bumpers, transitions, video intro, lower third animations, etc.)
3333 PIV a month
Duration: 3 months
Total PIV- 10k (over 3 months).
Our plan is to be here for the long haul, but want to ensure in 3 months the community can re-evaluate as well as we can adjust the PIV amount as the price of PIVX changes).
### Angelo Dodaro Bio
Angelo Dodaro is an advertising and marketing expert, entrepreneur and speaker with a special focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. He has spoken at the United Nations, Blockshow by CoinTelegraph (Las Vegas), Cryptospace (Moscow), Zero-In Tech Conference (Amsterdam) and many more events around the world on topics including blockchain technology and innovation in digital advertising.
Angelo is a trusted expert in the intersection between advertising, marketing and blockchain technology and has been covered in publications such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph, CBC, CTV, Strategy, Marketing Magazine, BBC, NullTX (formerly The Merkle) and more.
His work as a consultant has helped early-stage companies raise over $80 million in 2018 alone. While at Adbank, Angelo lead his team through "the most unique marketing campaign in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) history" that featured a viral video created by Emmy- nominated Zack Bornstein (SNL, Jimmy Kimmel). This was the springboard that helped Adbank get the attention of Fortune 500 companies and result in pilot campaigns of its blockchain advertising technology with the Austria National Tourism Office (ANTO), Red Bull Media and Adweek.
Angelo has consulted and advised companies such as Celsius Network, RedPen, Well, EVERY, Howdoo, 5th Element Group, and serves as a board member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB).
Kelsey Cole Bio
Named by CoinTelegraph as a Leading Female in Crypto and a recent recipient of the Decade of Women’s Frontier Woman Award at the United nations, Kelsey Cole has become one of the most famous women in blockchain. With an award winning history as of PR in Canada & Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing, Kelsey Cole boasts a 10 year + career working on the biggest brands in the world. From product marketing at L’Oréal, to leading PR at Revlon Canada; Kelsey spent 6 years in corporate America before starting her own successful digital communications & advertising agency servicing clients like Tesla & TIFF. Kelsey is best known for her work as a creative, Canadian, technology thought leader and co-founder of the highly-buzzed-about Adbank.
Kelsey delivers keynotes on the marketing of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency adoption, digital advertising innovation, and tech for social good. She is a passionate and active advocate for female empowerment and gender parity and a leading female figure in the crypto space; landing her coverage in publications like Forbes and Coin Telegraph. Her work has lead to a collaboration with the United Nations to create more global dialogue around blockchain for the benefit of humanity and her role as co-founder and Creative Director of the SDG Impact Fund.
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