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Archived Website Development (PIVX.ORG 2.0) Final Sprint & Ongoing Support


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Title: Website Development (PIVX.ORG 2.0) Final Sprint & Ongoing Support

Name: WebDevSprint1

Term: 1

Cycle Amnt: 4,400 PIV

Total Amnt: 4,400 PIV

Author: Snappy

Receiver: Snappy

Address: DTAgUBVH9mYikPUqJcBFKmYUczfgYxNwj3

Created: 2020-06-27

This proposal is to help fund the current website developers with the final aspects of the PIVX website reboot. They've (Kyeno and Meerkat) have been the code & development arm, starting the process about a month before @Chris came on board to project manage both the website design redo and "creative" design. Till now, they've worked and been funded outside the PIVX budget (in order to maximize the budget available for other essential work/elements). However - like all things universal, with the awesome work/lead by Chris (And feedback from the various community members about features they'd want to have IN the site), the time/runway has been longer than expected, and there is a current gap in their funding for work in order to get the site completed. I know they're committed and it'll get done, however - we would want to have them appropriately compensated for their time / work (As well as keep them onboard to continue to build).

I will be encouraging them to submit proposals moving forward but for now/time crunch with un-used budget available, I'm submitting this on their behalf.

I realize it is also hard to ascertain what's been completed up to this point, as a lot of the "visual" elements (UX/UI) are just now being finalized with Chris's input and a massive push from the community to finalize copy/wordsmithing.

It's going to be awesome.

Ok. I'll share a teaser. And this isn't even set in stone so don't get your hopes up :p


The current PIVX website is in need of a complete overhaul. Wordpress plugins are breaking/failing, there are a few security compromised sectors of the website, and overall the site has bloated, rendering it difficult to navigate, non-user friendly, and now 2 years old in terms of design aesthetics as well.

PIVX overall has come a long way in terms of development, core team, codebase, and the timing to redo the website (along with massive overhaul to the make the content current) aligned.


Drawing on the professional experience of a website duo from Poland who managed several global company web development projects, and who have been inside crypto for nearly 5 years now (actively for 2 years), the initial plan was to “refresh” the PIVX website.

After careful consideration, it was determined that the opportunity to massively upshift the PIVX website (from tech stack, a brand refresh, copy streamlining, etc) was more valuable than a simple website overhaul.

While Current Dev team is already underway, time was used coordinating with Chris Folta (http://chrisfolta.com/) about integrating/interfacing as a Design/Creative/Project Manager for PIVX (and with that, jumping in as a first step with the website redo/rebuild - proving a holistic and cohesive transition into a new web, brand, tone, vision for PIVX - based off the sentiment and feel of the community.

Tech Stack Improvements & Features
    1. Symfony Flex 4.4.X LTS (supported till 2023 and above)
    2. Node.js “Dubinum” 10 LTS (supported till April 2021); potential switch to “Erbinum” 12 LTS
    3. Nginx webserver with multiple config customizations, zopfli+brotli asset compression, etc.
    4. Probably MariaDB and MongoDB as main database layers, though trying to remain db agnostic via Doctrine ORM and ODM
    5. Webpack driven asset delivery; support for *any* modern standard frontend
    6. Redis cache server
    7. SEO-friendly HTML markup and Document Outline
      1. Painfully missing from the current site. VERY LITTLE to NO SEO WORK.
    8. Linked data (most likely in microdata format) for even better SEO
    9. Site Crawling/Sitemap/Indexing (absent on current site) - for google to use for proper indexing.
    10. ...to be continued ;)
  1. Design/Branding Enhancements
    1. New Brand Refresh (done in conjunction with YurrinBee)
    2. New Color Pallets (done in conjunction with YurrinBee)
    3. New Brand Book and Assets (done in conjunction with YurrinBee & Chris)

  1. UX/UI Improvements & Feature
    1. New User experience and epics (Completed)
    2. 2020 Design Standards

  1. Site-Specific Contents
    1. Multi-level Admin and Security (WIP)
    2. Blog (with multi-level access)
    3. Native Translation / Multi-Lang Capabilities
    4. Auto Price Populator
    5. Email Forms/Native Newsletter signups
Experience & Past Work

Lead web developer (web development DAO)
– DeVault Cryptocurrency – USA (remote)
– building dedicated crypto users community portal (https://devault.online/) with unique coin-based voting mechanism using Symfony 3.4/PHP7.1, Vue.js, Three.js, Node.js 10 ES7, devaultd, coin explorer RPC/API calls – custom dedicated Linux server setup with multiple CLI tasks (Symfony) – cooperating with two lead C++ developers on building the coin itself – test compiling on multiple different platforms including macOS and Linux – bug testing and reporting on DeVault core

Senior software developer, consultant – GridHub GmbH – Berlin (remote) – building an interesting startup from scratch (Wordpress plugin/PHP 5.3, Google Chrome plugin/JS, Symfony 3/PHP 7.1)

Senior software developer, consultant – DBI Analytics GmbH – Munich (remote+them visiting) – architecture consulting – business consulting and providing vital business contacts – website and app auditing – significant speed optimization (Node.js + websockets/ECMA6, memcached, redis, MongoDB) – very small frontend finetunes (Angular.js, JavaScript)

Chief technical officer, Regional director – TopCheck UG – Berlin (remote+visits) – brainstorming, business consulting, business-to-technology estimations – building web app prototype from scratch (Symfony 2.5/PHP 5.3, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, MariaDB, MongoDB, Zend Opcache, Gearman, C++ and many, many more) – custom server build and security measures (Debian + a lot of source compiled/optimized libraries) – adapting and revisioning the prototype – hiring local team of backend+frontend developers, an accountant/office manager, getting an office space – managing and leading the technical development of the application (sprint-based, yet without classical Scrum)

Senior software developer, consultant – Xantera AG – Munich (remote+visits) – working closely with founders/CEOs providing ideas, feedback and consultancy – Thrives.us crawler engine development from scratch (PHP+pcntl, Gearman, MongoDB) – Haircenter24 optimizations like auto CSS sprites generator, auto image compressor, deployment scripts, Magento e-commerce profiling – Haircenter24 research&development (3D scanning products using Xbox360 Kinect and OpenNI libraries, rendering them on sites with Three.js/WebGL)

Support developer – Termine24 GmbH / Shore – Munich (remote) – Wordpress plugin development (PHP, Wordpress API) – Facebook apps development (PHP, JavaScript, Facebook API) – Unobtrusive JavaScript widget development – Ember.js admin panel development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)

Fullstack developer – Tech Open Air – Berlin (remote+visits) – entire platform development including EventBrite user integration, tickets booking & purchases, satellite events creator, speakers configurator, etc. (XHTML 1.1, CSS2.1, Symfony 1.4/PHP 5.2, Prototype JavaScript, Less) – close cooperation with fellow designer Guillaume Mutschler, who also took parts in frontend development – hosting and optimization (nginx, php-fpm, opcache, front cache)


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