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    5,3,2 broke my desktop wallet

    I upgraded to 5.3.2 and now I am unable to stake. My account history is showing 9/25/2021 as the date and my main connections are show 16(In:0 /Out:16)
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    zPIV in 4.2 QT Wallet

    Thanks Jeffrey. I can see my zpiv now. However the cli is asking for the walletpassphrase. It looks to be in clear text. Can you send me an example of the string spendzerocoin amount my address does not work. Where in the string do I need to add the passphrase. Thanks
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    zPIV in 4.2 QT Wallet

    I do not see my zPIV in my 4.2.0 wallet. I would like to convert them to PIV before the next wallet version.